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Nemesis Staff

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This article is about the Nemesis Staff Temporary Power. For Veteran Reward Nemesis Staff, see Veteran Reward Powers.

Temporary NemesisStaff.png


Nemesis Staff Drawn.jpg

You confiscated this strange, steam-powered staff from a Freakshow hideout. The staff shoots a bolt of energy that deals damage, knocks back foes, and may stun them. You should test the weapon in the field, then return it to the DATA labs for study within 24 hours.

How to Get

To obtain this temporary power, heroes have to complete the Find out who's supplying the Freakshow with the new weapons mission assigned by Tina Chung or Neal Kendrick for levels 30-34.

Power Summary

Damage High Damage (Smash)
Duration 24 hours in-game time
Effects Ranged
Foe: Knockback, Disorient

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