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Mysterious Gift

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Introduced in the Winter Event 2005, and appearing in all winter events afterwords, these presents are randomly placed around various zones by the Gamester. Clicking on them delivers unto the clicker a verdict of either "naughty" or "nice". Naughty people get punished by the Winter Horde who spring out of them, while nice people get a gift.

Mysterious gift will spawn when a character gets within about 180 yards of a spawn location. Once a gift has spawned, it is targetable from at least 300 yards away, though it will quickly despawn if there is not a character within 180 yards.

Once a present has been opened, there is a random respawn timer of 3-5 minutes, though it will not respawn if there is still a character within the 180 yard range. When it does respawn, any snowbeasts left over from a previous naughty opening will die.

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