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Founder of Mu

About 14000 years ago, Oranbega had enjoyed a period of peace and prosperity for many years, until the coming of Mu'Rhakmet's rebellion. Mu'Rhakmet demanded the Oranbegans' return to a total subservience to the gods of the past. He gained followers among those who felt disaffected by the Oranbegan civilization, and among those who were, disenfranchised by a lack of skill with magic. It began small at first, with attacks on Reasoners and Philosophers, and then progressed into street riots and open conflicts. Soon, Mu'Rhakmet's followers held banners with his stern visage everywhere, demanding that the people of Oranbega return to the worship of the gods they had so long forgotten. (1) Not until it was too late did the Oranbegans learn that there was another force behind the rebels. That Mu'Rhakmet practiced as he preached, and was in truth the earthly instrument of she who had forced the Oranbegans' ancestors across the sea: The goddess Hequat. She who had turned upon her lover, the Divine Teacher Ermeeth; she who had rallied her followers and forced the Oranbegans from their lands; now she had found them again and sought to undermine their society. Soon Oranbega was engaged in a civil war for control as those loyal to Oranbegan principles fought Mu'Rhakmet's followers in the streets of the city. Ultimately, Mu'Rhakmet's rebellion failed. The Oranbegan histories say that Mu'Rhakmet and his followers fled across the sea. The Oranbegans assumed that they had returned to the old lands of their goddess, and this assumption would lead them to disaster. For what they did not know was the Hequat had provided a new land for her people. An island risen from the sea, an island that she would call Mu. (1)

Though it is clear that he survived the Oranbegan Civil War, there is no mention at all about Mu'Rhakmet's life from here, if he survived the war against the Coralax, the war of Mu against Oranbega or which was his ultimate fate.

As of today, Mu'Rhakmet is not currently in game.


1 - CoV Mission:Defeat Infernal from Magus Mu'Drakhan