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Mr. Rodney

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Mr. Rodney
Mr. Rodney.jpg
Goldbricker Spokesperson
Zone Cap au Diable
Coordinates (-319.2, 3.0, -1790.4)
Level Range 20-50
Introduced By None
Introduces None
Enemy Groups V badge Longbow.png Longbow
V badge Hero.png Paragon Heroes
Badge villain carnival.png Carnival of Shadows
Badge villain cot.png Circle of Thorns
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Mr. Rodney is a villain contact in the New Haven neighborhood of Cap au Diable at coordinates (-319.2, 3.0, -1790.4). His level range is 20-50.

Mr. Rodney is a Gold Bricker that King Midas has sent to help villains to get their capes and auras. He is standing in front of Langston Corporation's building. He was introduced in Issue 21.


Contact Introduced By

None; Mr. Rodney is introduced by contact popup at the appropriate level.

Contact Introduces

None; he exists solely to unlock capes and auras for villains.


Goldbricker Spokesperson

Mr. Rodney is a 'veteran' Goldbricker who has been promoted to role of a spokesperson for King Midas.

Whenever Midas wishes to bargain a deal with a villain or organization, he will send one of his spokespersons to do so for him.

Contact Unlocked

Mr. Rodney of the Goldbrickers has an offer!

Mr. Rodney of the Goldbrickers wants to help you earn a cape to let the other villains of the Isles know of your rising power.

This contact has now been added to the active tab of your Contact window.

Prior to Introduction

Contact is not introduced. Mr. Rodney begins with his Initial Contact dialogue.

Initial Contact

Hey there, Character. Happy to be talking to you at the moment, especially sans any beatings.

The name is Mr. Rodney, and I'm a representative of King Midas, head of the Goldbrickers.

Now, I know perhaps you and our fine organization haven't gotten along in the past, but, well, let's just consider the past the past, right?

King Midas wishes to extend a gesture of good will towards you in the form of me helping you get what you need. And I think I've got an idea of what we can do to help you out, so why don't we get started?


  • King Midas sends his regards.
  • We're here to work together, Character.

Too Busy

Missing Too Busy Dialogue

Too Low Level

I've got an idea of what we can do to help you out next, Character, but you'll only be able to handle it when you've reached threat level 30

No More Missions

Missing No More Missions Dialogue


Mr. Rodney does not have a store.


Cape Mission (Level 20-50)


One of the things that King Midas wishes to help you out with is your image, Character. No offense, of course.

A sign to other villains and heroes that you're a big bad around here is if you've got a cape.

One of the traditional ways folks around here get their capes is by beating the snot out of a hero and stealing theirs. A rite of passage, you could say.

I know of a way that you can find yourself a hero, and a cape, if you want to elevate your social status around here in the Isles.

  • Tell me how to find this hero.

Well, first, you'll need to get yourself to Paragon City. There are a few ways to go about this, but King Midas is willing to provide you with a specific way, mainly through the Family in Sharkhead.

He's put in a good word for you to some of the powers that be there. You should go talk to Lorenz Ansaldo in Sharkhead Isle. He'll be able to help you get into Paragon, but you may have to help him out with any problems he might have.

Speak with Lorenz Ansaldo

Unnecessary Solicitation

Lorenz is part of the Family. They're experts at smuggling people and goods to and from the mainland.

Mission Objective(s)

  • Speak with Lorenz Ansaldo


You need passage to Paragon City? Yah, I can hook you up. I got an arrangement going with the Goldbrickers to handle any 'special deliveries' they might have between the Rogue Isles and the mainland. But that don't mean there ain't no price...

We got a lot of them Longbow agents snoopin' around the docks here lookin' for contraband. I was planning on getting a few of my boys ready to beat some sense into them, but then you happen to show up! Take down all the Longbow agents snoopin' around our warehouse here at the docks and destroy any crates of contraband they may have found.

Defeat all agents, destroy contraband

Unnecessary Solicitation

Lorenz is part of the Family. They're experts at smuggling people and goods to and from the mainland.

Mission Objective(s)

Map: V_Warehouse_30_Layout_12

Longbow constantly looks for evidence to shutdown Family smuggling operations in the Rogue Isles. It's time to convince Longbow to mind their own business!

  • Defeat all agents, destroy contraband
    • 3 crates to destroy

You cleared out the warehouse for the Family! Lorenz has set up a boat to take you to Paragon City, and a truck to take you to the statue park.


V badge Longbow.png Longbow

Notable NPCs

Icon clue generic.png
Longbow Watch List
You find on the Longbow Commander a hand-held computer. It contains information on villain activities in the Rogue Isles, including Family smuggling operations and movement of villains into Paragon City. You're included on the watch list! It looks like Longbow might be monitoring your activities!

Steal cape from hero

Unnecessary Solicitation

You've got your ticket to Paragon. All you have to do now is take down the hero and earn your prize!

Mission Objective(s)


You wait for the appropiate moment to launch your assault. Paragon City will soon fear your name!

  • Steal cape from Hero
    • 2 statues to destroy
    • Defeat hero & allies

You have defeated a Paragon City hero and taken his cape!


V badge Longbow.png Longbow

Notable NPCs

V archetypeicon stalker.png Ambush! Upon attacking the guards around a statue, there will be one ambush by Longbow. There is one ambush for each statue.

Longbow Eagle: Stop in the name of Longbow!

V archetypeicon stalker.png Ambush! After defeating the ambush from destroying both statues, there will be another ambush by Longbow. The Longbow Commander is within this group.

Longbow Commander: Longbow agents attack!

V archetypeicon stalker.png Ambush! After defeating the Longbow Commander ambush, there will be one last ambush by Longbow. The random Hero is within this group.

Random Hero: Character! Stop your evil ways!

You wrest the cape from the back of the fallen hero!

Icon clue generic.png
Hero Cape
This is a cape taken from one of the heroes of Paragon City you defeated in combat! Take this back to Fortunata Kalinda back in the Rogue Isles to prove yourself worthy as a destined one of Lord Recluse!


You can now access capes at the tailor!
You may now access the costume part Regular Back Capes at the Tailor.

You did it! Even now, there are villains in the Isles speaking of your abilities in a respectful tone.

However, the heroes in Paragon do not seem too terribly please about what you've done. But at least now when you go toe to toe with a hero, you'll have one more thing to show that you're better than them, and that's what really counts, isn't it?

Aura Mission (Level 30-50)


So, what do you think of this whole Destined One story that Recluse has going? King Midas is a little leery on it. In all honesty, how can there be multiple Destined Ones?

Regardless, we've gotten wind of a way for you to unlock your powers even further. Imagine the whole cape deal, then multiply it.

There's a mage, goes by the name of Tarxius, who is supposed to know how to unlock someone's powers, to show everyone that you meet that you are the 'big bad' around here. Interested in looking him up?

  • I just might be.

Archmage Tarixus can be found in Potter's Field on Sharkhead Isle. He doesn't have much love for the heroes of Paragon, so he may just be willing to give you a hand.

Speak with Archmage Tarixus

Unnecessary Solicitation

Have you spoken with Tarixus yet?


I sensed your arrival, Character. You seek to follow your destiny and show to everyone you are truly marked by the Powers for greatness. To do this you must give proper homage to the Powers, the great mystical entities who grant power to those who know how to unlock their secrets. To give proper homage to the Powers you must sacrifice arcane energies at a nexus, one of the places where the veil between this world and the mystic planes is weak.

There is a group known as the Carnival of Shadows who occasionally dabble in the arcane. They have acquired some of my artifacts in order to work their chaos magic. If you recover these magical artifacts, I will allow you to use them to unlock your energies as a destined one - if that is indeed what you are. Magical orders such as the Circle of Thorns often built great temples around nexus points in order to tap into their power and to draw energies from the Powers. Go now to find the artifacts, then offer up their arcane energies to the Powers upon an Orenbegan altar!

Find mystic artifacts

Unnecessary Solicitation

Have you found the artifacts to offer to the Powers yet?

Mission Objective(s)

Map: V_Warehouse_45_Layout_17

The air in this warehouse seems to shimmer with weird energies.

  • Find mystic artifacts

You found the mystic artifacts!


Badge villain carnival.png Carnival of Shadows

Notable NPCs

You find some ornate jewelry upon the Carnival Mistress

Icon clue generic.png
Mystic Artifacts
This set of ornate jewellry practically glows with arcane energies. You will need to offer up the mystic power to the Powers in order to unlock your power as a destined one!
Offer artifacts to Powers

Unnecessary Solicitation

Sounds like you're almost there. Soon, everyone will be able to see just how powerful you really are!

Mission Objective(s)


This Circle of Thorns temple must be built near a fairly strong magical nexus. The very air seems charged with arcane energies!

  • Offer artifacts to Powers
    • Fend off attackers!

You have unlocked the energies of the destined one!


Badge villain cot.png Circle of Thorns

Notable NPCs

V archetypeicon stalker.png Ambush! After offering the artifacts you will be ambushed by three waves of Circle of Thorns.

Fire Thorn Caster: Destroy the intruder!

Nerva Spectral Daemon: Destroy the intruder!

Temple Protector: The power of the destined one will be ours!

You have unlocked the power of the destined one!


You can now access auras at the tailor!

I can already feel the power coming out of you, Character! That ritual, it worked!

I don't think there's much else that King Midas or myself can do for you from here on out, but just make sure to remember the Goldbrickers on your path to power!