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Mission Architect Tutorial

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This article is about learning how to create missions in the Mission Architect. For the ingame tutorial, see Architect Studio Manager.
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This tutorial will walk you through creating a very basic mission in the Mission Architect, the central feature of Issue 14. If you don't know where the Architect Entertainment Buildings are located, they exist in many zones, with an "AE" icon. Go to the Atlas Park or Mercy Island locations and do the introduction, which will show you around the place.

This tutorial will not go into detail as to what everything is. The help system, and further guides, will go into much greater detail. This tutorial is here solely to "get your feet wet" and get your first mission created. This will take you step by step through creating a mission with a (very) small map and a bunch of bad guys to defeat.

When you're finished with the introduction, go to one of the Mission Architect stations and click on it. You will see a list of published arcs. Don't worry about those for now. Click on the button in the upper right that says "Create a new story." A window will come up, filling your screen. This is the mission creation window.

Next step is to click on the link below to the MA Tutorial 101 main article to continue with the walkthrough.

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MA Tutorial 300 Series: Custom Critter and Group Creator

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