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Mission:Tip - Mask Covered In Saliva

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Mask Covered In Saliva (30-39)

You found a Carnival of Shadows mask covered in saliva - the monstrous kind. You notice bite marks as well as holes made by a corrosive substance - Arachnoid acid. Investigating further, you find out the following...

Earlier today, the Carnival of Shadows were throwing one of their 'parties' in the main street of St. Martial. They were causing their usual chaos and destruction, until one of the Seneschals made the mistake of putting her torch too close to the wrong truck. The vehicle exploded, creating a large crater, which exposed a hidden Arachnoid cave underground!

Many of the Carnival fell in to the lair before it was sealed up by Arachnos. Now the Arachnoids are rampaging in one of the casinos, while the other Carnies are trapped in that cavern.

The Carnival of Shadows always seem to take their parties too far. Arachnos is too busy trying to contain the Arachnoid threat in the streets of St. Martial, meaning that casino is still crawling with Arachnoids.

Going in there and saving the patrons and manager of the casino would earn you their gratitude - but more so, you would have free reign over taking the money from the casino for yourself.

Then again...those Carnies are still probably fighting the Arachnoids in that lair. But if someone were to go in there and finish them off...well, that would be less Carnies around to keep their leader, Vanessa DeVore, powered.

Villain Acceptance


The problems of the Arachnoids destroying a few casinos is too small to interest you. However, the Carnival of Shadows is another matter entirely. You're aware they're more dangerous than meets the eye - and growing more powerful with every member in that group. Vanessa DeVore's little collection of souls live to serve her every whim - a dangerous woman to keep around, if you're intent on not serving her.

Those Carnies may be able to hold out in that cavern until their kindly master comes to save them - that is, unless you step in.

Finish off the Carnies in the Arachnoid lair.

There's only one way to deal with an issue like the Carnies - end them. And that's exactly what you plan to do.

Unnecessary Solicitation

You can hear the chaos going on in the streets of St. Martial as Arachnos tries to put down the failed experiments that are the Arachnoids.

Mission Objective(s)

You make your way into the lair of the Arachnoids. In the distance you can hear the Carnival speaking to each other, trying to keep organized. Time to break that organization.

  • Finish off the trapped Carnies!
    • Defeat the head Carnival Mistress!

That's the last of the Carnies in this cavern. Maybe they'll learn after this not to cross your path - if they were thinking about it.

V archetypeicon stalker.png Ambush! There will be an silent ambush by Arachnoids upon entering the mission.


V badge Arachnoids.png Arachnoids
Badge villain carnival.png Carnival of Shadows

EdLetter.png Editor's Note:

The two enemy groups will fight each other if they encounter each other. The majority of the Carnies in this mission will be next to Arachnoids, activating their dialogue and fights.

Notable NPCs


Well, that's one group of Carnies that won't be bothering you anymore - or powering Vanessa DeVore, for that matter.

Rogue Acceptance


The Carnies trapped in that cave can help themselves - or not, there's nothing to gain really in helping them. But the casino? There's good money right there. Saving the manager of the casino will definitely help you in the future - though that's the second place prize. The real deal is in having those precious cash vaults in that casino all to yourself. You'll just have to dress it up a bit to make sure that it looks like the Arachnoids devoured the money - or that some Arachnos lackey was the one who stole their good money.

Save and rob the casino in St. Martial!

Mission Acceptance

This is the kind of plan that really has no downside. Make a lot of money, save someone who makes a lot of money, then make a lot of money through them. The only downside is having to fight through those Arachnoids, but that's a necessary evil. At least this time.

Mission Objective(s)

The Arachnoids have already torn this place to pieces. Time to move fast before they get to the vault too

  • Save and rob the casino!
    • Rescue the casino owner
    • Defeat Hollow Point!

You dealt with Hollow Point and can now make your way out with your 'payment' for the day!

Hollow Point


V badge Arachnoids.png Arachnoids
V badge Rogue.png Rogues Gallery

Notable NPCs

  • Casino owner (NPC Hostage)
This man is the owner of one of the casinos in St. Martial.

V archetypeicon stalker.png Ambush!

As soon as you crack the safe you will be ambushed by Hollow Point


You sneak out the back of the casino with your prizes over your shoulders - this'll do nicely in the future.