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Mission:The Shining Stars - Big Leagues: Study Group

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Study Group


Listen up, kiddo. Remember those meteors that the Shivans were dropping from on the day they attacked? Well, according to Proton, those things are going to be the 'key' to stopping them from coming back one day and destroying the whole Earth. Seems that Stabilizer Field of his can be reversed-engineered to cause inversion inside the meteors to do... well, to do something really technical that I have no idea what the guy was going on about.

All I know is that we've got a big day coming up, and we're gonna need to be ready for it in case something goes wrong. Because nothing can be easy for us, right? So are you with me to get ourselves prepared?

  • Absolutely! What do you have in mind?

Proton is going to need combat data from us to make sure we work better together as a cohesive team. Even though there are only a few of us, we're still a supergroup in our own right and we need to start fighting that way.

This is where Manticore comes in. Our sugar daddy has offered us the use of his place for testing purposes. Seems he has some holographic simulation test projectors that his buddy Positron made for him a while back. Positron has set up some combat routines for all of us to run through. We've already completed the tests, so that just leaves you. I'll be the one taking down the data for your test. So let's quit with the yappin' and get over to his mansion, cool?

Unnecessary Solicitation

What're you doing, kid? We're supposed to be running these test trials at Manticore's place. Get your butt over there, soldier!

Mission Objective(s)


You're back in Manticore's Mansion and he seems to have cleaned up the place since the last time you were here. Let's try not to break anything this time, shall we?

  • Complete Proton's Combat Tests
    • Turn on the Observation Terminal
    • Fight the Family Simulation
    • Fight the Trolls Simulation
    • Turn on the downstairs Observation Terminal
    • Fight the Vahzilok Simulation
    • Fight the Outcast Simulation
    • Fight the Council Simulation
    • Quickly! Help Twinshot!
    • Talk to Twinshot

You finished all of your combat tests for Proton and should have enough data to help him out. It's a good thing Manticore and Positron's simulators didn't all go haywire the way the last one did! You could've gotten hurt!


Badge villain family.png The Family
Badge villain trolls.png Trolls
Badge villain vahzilok.png Vahzilok
Badge villain outcasts.png Outcasts
Badge villain council.png Council
Badge DefeatClockwork.png Praetorian Clockwork

You have turned on the Observation Terminal, allowing Twinshot to observe and record your combat routines


Looks like Positron had some kind of glitch in his software. I tried shutting down the Clockwork program, and these things showed up instead.

Who knows how this stuff is supposed to work, you know?

  • Um, why haven't they de-initialized?

Huh? Oh, uh... I don't know. Could be a bug or something. I'll let the eggheads figure that one out. For now we're done.

Why don't we head outta here and get some fresh city air. You know, the kind where you can just taste the smog and almost swish it around in your mouth? Real air, know what I'm sayin'?

  • Um, not really, but I'll go with it.

I have to say... I really like your attitude, kid. Much better than my old squad. Why don't you meet me back in Kings', cool?

  • Sounds good. See you there.


Well, I've given Proton all of the data and he looked relieved. He says he's calculating success probabilities and all that. I asked him what would happen if we just ran in there shouting our names. We'll just say he looked horrified.

Now all we need to do is wait until we get the go from the ole' egghead. And then we bring the fight to the Shivans, not the other way around!