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Mission:The Shining Stars - A New Day Dawning: Ongoing Training

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Ongoing Training


Hey there, kiddo. So I was thinking... You held your own pretty well with those Arachnos guys storming the place last time, right? But you could always use a couple of pointers here and there.

Now I could show you a thing or two, but I'm not really a good teacher. However, I know someone who I could put you in touch with. Interested?

  • Sure. Where do I find him?

You can find HER outside City Hall. The name's Ms. Liberty. You may have already met her before, but the gal's pretty busy helping people out so you may not have had a real chance to get to know her. You let her know that you're a friend of Twinshot and she'll likely take some time out to chat with you.

Talk to Ms. Liberty

Unnecessary Solicitation

If you tell Ms. Liberty that you're a friend of mine, I'm pretty sure she'll take a couple of minutes out of her day to give you some pointers.

Mission Objective(s)

  • Talk to Ms. Liberty
    • Atlas Park


Hi there! I can help you with all of your training needs. Come to me anytime you feel your personal training is - I'm sorry, what was that?

  • I'm Twinshot's friend. She said you could give me some pointers?

Oh, you're Twin's friend? I know I've seen you around before, but I didn't know you were hanging out with her. Let me tell you something about that girl... She's got a good heart, you know?

Any friend of Twinshot is a friend of mine. What would you like me to help you with?

  • Why do I come to trainers for leveling?

A bunch of us here in Paragon City like helping other people. For instance, did you know there's a place where you can actually talk with other heroes just like you and I? I think they call it the Help Channel. But back to what I was saying.

When you gain a new level of experience, you may not know how to push your powers to that next level. However, that's what we trainers help you do. We show you all the things you can do with your powers.

  • How do I gain levels?

As you perform tasks for the safety of the people of Paragon City, you'll gain more and more experience. Once you've had your fill of learning the ins-and-outs of crimefighting, you'll increase your security level. That's when you want to come to me or another trainer and we'll show you how to take your powers up to the next level, too.

  • How do I know when to come to you?

You'll have a mental indicator letting you know it's time. Think of it like a flashing arrow. After we talk, you can decide where you want to apply your newfound powers. Sometimes you'll want to increase a power you already have, and other times you might even learn a new one. In the end, it's pretty much up to you. We're only here to help guide you along the way.

  • You mentioned others. Where are they?

They're all over Paragon City. You can usually find someone in just about every district. How about you pay a visit to Blue Steel. He's over in Kings Row, which is a short tram away.

How about you go pay him a visit and let him know that Ms. Liberty sent you. Kinda the way Twin did earlier.

  • I can do that. Thanks, Ms. Liberty.

Icon clue generic.png
Trainers are capable of helping your character grow stronger. Whenever you gain enough experience to Level Up, a flashing arrow will appear near your Experience Bar. When you see this arrow, speak with a Trainer!

Depending on your character's level, Trainers can allow you to learn new Powers, or can help you add Enhancement Slots to Powers you already have.

Visiting Trainers every time you Level Up is an essential part of your character's growth - remember to train whenever you get the chance!

Ride the Monorail from Atlas Park to Kings Row

Unnecessary Solicitation

So, Libby wants you to talk with Blue Steel now? I should have thought of that.

Okay, in order to get there you'll want to go to the tram station in Atlas Park and take it to Kings Row. Steel isn't too far away from there.

Mission Objective(s)

  • Ride the Monorail from Atlas Park to Kings Row.
    • Use your map to find the Monorail Station

You've arrived at the Atlas Park monorail station. Now use the tram to travel to Kings Row and talk with Blue Steel at the police station.

Talk to Blue Steel

Unnecessary Solicitation

Once you're in Kings Row, you should be able to pull up a map and find where Blue Steel is. You'll spot him by the helmet.

Mission Objective(s)

  • Talk to Blue Steel


Hello there, citizen. Are you in need of training suggestions today?

  • Actually, Ms. Liberty sent me to you for more pointers.

Oh, I see. I take it you're an up-and-coming hero? Good! This city can use all it can get. As you can tell, this part of the city is still struggling to get the street crime under control, which is why I'm here. What kind of pointers were you looking for?

  • That tram I came in on... Does it only go here?

Nah, the trams go to all different parts of the city. You should be able to find a monorail station in just about every district in the city and they'll take you to nearly every other one as well.

Just make sure you don't get off at the wrong stop. Some places can be a bit too dangerous for those new to the area. As a matter of fact, even here in Kings Row we have to deal with street gangs that simply don't respect the law.

Speaking of... would you be willing to do your civic duty as a hero and help take care of some of these gangs for us?

  • Of course! What do you need me to do?

All throughout the streets you'll find a variety of hoodlums. However, the ones that are the most blatant violators of the law as of late are a gang that calls themselves the Skulls. They're pretty easy to spot - each of them wears a piece of a human skull on their face.

You should be able to find them hanging out all around the police station here in Freedom Plaza. On your way back to Atlas Park, could you send a number of them to the hospital? We'll be sure to have a police escort waiting for them once they get patched up.

  • Absolutely. Thanks for the advice, Blue Steel.

Icon clue generic.png
Monorail Stations
The Paragon City Monorail is the best method for Heroes to move about Paragon City. Each Monorail station leads to every other City Zone that also has a station. Note that some zones, like Hazard Zones, don't have a Monorail station. In order to reach those zones, you'll need to find a connecting zone and travel there manually.
Defeat Skulls in Kings Row

Unnecessary Solicitation

So you're saying Steel wanted you to help him with the Skulls? You might want to watch out... Those ones over in Kings Row are a bit more tough than here in Atlas Park. Then again, I'll leave that up to you to decide, you know?

Mission Objective(s)

  • Defeat Skulls in Kings Row!
    • Defeat 10 Skulls

You managed to get a few more Skulls off the streets and made the city that much safer.


Badge villain skulls.png Skulls


You're back, kiddo. I'm hoping Liberty and Steel managed to drive a few of those pointers home in that thick noggin of yours.

Hahaha... I'm joshing with you. Remember, though. Whenever you feel you need to up your powers a bit more, always hit a trainer. Even if you have to ride from one end of the city to the other, it's worth it. Get in touch with me in a while, kid. I might have something else in store for you.