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Mission:The Shining Stars - A New Day Dawning: Introductions Are In Order

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Introductions Are In Order


Hey there, kid. The name's Twinshot, but you can just call me Twinshot. Your name has been floating around out there for a bit now and I'm hearing good things. I figure that maybe you might want to hang out at the cool kid's table. So I'm gonna go head over to where me and my buddies are hanging out and let them all know you're coming on over. Sound good?

  • Yeah, I'll hang out with you guys.

Cool, cool. So here's the addy where you can find us and the door code to get in. Stop by whenever and I'll introduce you to all the rest.

Unnecessary Solicitation

You have an open invitation to hang out with the coolest people in Paragon City, Character. What are you waiting for?

Mission Objective(s)


This sounds like the place Twinshot told you to show up at. Find the Intercom Terminal to let Twinshot know you're here.

  • Meet the Gang!
    • Use the Security Intercom Terminal
    • Talk to Twinshot
    • Talk to Proton
    • Talk to Flambeaux
    • Find and talk to Dillo
    • Return to the entrance and help Twinshot
    • Talk to Twinshot

You met the whole gang, and even helped out a newer member. Now you need to meet up with Twinshot outside where she's hanging out.


V badge ArachnosBadge.png Arachnos

Notable NPCs

Contact Small Security Intercom Terminal.jpg
Security Intercom Terminal


This looks like the security terminal Twinshot told you to use when you showed up. Large flashing words indicate that you should choose one of the buttons below the screen.

Notification: You are on private property. Identify yourself at once!

  • My name is Character. Twinshot sent me.
Words begin streaming across the display.
IMPOSTER! REAL IDENTITY: Arachnos Infiltration Agent.
Initiating self-destruct sequence in t-minus five seconds and counting...
  • Wait! I'm not from Arachnos! I swear I'm really Character!
  • I'd prefer to keep my identity secret, thank you.
Words begin streaming across the display.
Unknown entities are to be terminated on sight!
Initiating self-destruct sequence in t-minus five seconds.
  • Hold on! Twinshot knows who I am!
  • My name is Inigo Mon--
Words begin streaming across the display.
Seriously? You went there? C'mon... That joke is, like, over twenty years old.
Just for that, this terminal will self-destruct in 5 seconds.
  • You're kidding. Tell me you're kidding!
  • Is this for real?
  • But you can't just--
  • Hey, wait a second! You forgot three!!!
  • (Step away from the terminal)


Had you going, eh? You should have seen your face.

At least you didn't try to blow up the terminal the way that Flambeaux did when I pulled that trick on her.

  • What was that all about?

It's something I do to all the new guys. Keeps 'em on their toes. So, even though I think you're cool, my buddies might think you're a square, you know?

Now, I've already put in a good word for you, so this should be easy. Let's go introduce you to them.

  • Sounds good to me. Who's first?

Let's go chat it up with Proton. This is his place we're hanging out in, so I figure he'd want to meet the person who's tromping around the place, you know? He should be around here somewhere.

Oh yeah, up on the second floor. Down the hallway and up the elevators. I'll let you lead the way so you can get a good feel of the place.

  • Indeed.


Hello, Let me introduce myself. I am Proton, and I welcome you here to my lab. It may not be much, but considering my unusual circumstances, it was the best I could cobble together on short notice.

  • Unusual circumstances?

Oh, that's a long story, and one that I'll be happy to share once we get to know each other a little better.

Although I am looking forward to that time, currently I'm in the midst of running some very important analyses of recent data I've collected. And I need every moment I can get that affords me peace and quiet.

  • I apologize for disturbing you.

Oh, no! I didn't mean to imply that you were the one disturbing ---

Proton looks towards the direction of the new guest with a look of disappointment on his face...

  • I take it this is the person?

Oh darn... Well, it would seem that my experiment will need to be concluded later.

  • Ah... then it is her.

Ah Flambeaux, my dear...

Well, yes. I am doing the science again. A lot of science, actually. One could say I'm doing, oh, tons and tons of the science.

  • Perhaps I should let you get back to work?

No no, that's quite alright. I'm quite certain that I'll be unable to get any work done for, unfortunately, a very good while. However, I do thank you for your kindness, friend. Not everyone is so understanding.

Proton looks to Flambeaux with a polite smile on his face.

Flambeaux, have you met our new friend, Character?

  • I'll talk with her so you can get back to work.

You turn and talk with Flambeaux.


Hey there. The name's Flambeaux, because I'm hot. Like, hot because of fire, right? And also because, well, I'm hot.

  • Oh... Well... Uh... I see...

Don't listen to her - she's just jealous. I keep trying to tell her that the brooding emo look is sooo last year.

  • That's... Interesting, I think.

What? Where are you going, Proton?!

Great. Way to go, Twin. You just scared him away with your tough-guy look again.

  • Um...

So... I bet you have a lot of questions about me, don't you? Don't worry, it's natural - most people do. Well, where do I begin... Okay, so, like, I came here to Paragon City because I felt people needed a hero, right? And I knew that I'm so totally a hero, okay? So then-

  • Um... Twinshot?

But I was just getting to - FINE! I guess that little pipsqueak is more important than hearing about how I can make fire like totally shoot from my hands.

Well, I'm coming along, too!

  • Let's go find Dillo.


*hoorb*You are the friendly earthling that says Character! Correct, correct, yes?!


Dillo makes air sounds at you in greeting!

  • I... Uh... Air sounds?

Correct, correct! *hoorb* I am making air sounds like an Earthling so we can be friends! You are for friends with me, correct, correct?

  • I... Um... Think the answer is yes?

Jubilations and - how does the Earthlings say - the hot dogs! I can not make air sounds to say my energy sign - oh, Earthlings say 'name' - but my friends say that I am Dillo. You can bellow air and say Dillo to me, too. I will say Character to you and we will be happy! Correct, correct!

  • Um, is he saying we're friends now?

*hoorb* I am from a world that is not Earth. And I come to warn the Earthlings of dangers.

The Proton and the Twinshot say it is too late because Shivans moved faster than me.

So now I stay and annihilate Shivans and end all existence of life signs of Shivan peoples!


For Earth!

  • You're here to help us with the Shivans?

Correct, correct! We own encounters with Shivans where annihilation was given as our gift.

Dillo momentarily turns his attention to Twinshot.

*hoorb* We will make sounds at you in future times, the Twinshot.

Dillo resumes speaking with you.

So my sounds are being made to say that we now find other life-clusters and give warnings to them. And I chose Earthling clusters!

  • Your people were destroyed?

Not all my people. Only in your counting of ten and eight of my planets were removed. My people still have three left.

  • Oh, that's horrible!

*hoorb* The Flambeaux wants to make air sounds about her person! We like to listen to her, since she makes many, many air sounds! Let us open the breath-holes and listen to her air sounds, correct, correct?

  • Actually, I think your story is more -

The conversation pauses as Twinshot comes over the intercom.

Dillo appears to swell up and you feel a slight vibration in your teeth for no explicable reason.

The Twinshot requests assistance! We must go!

  • I'm right with you!


I am Grym, and I come from another land. I wish to join your group so that I may guard over your safety.

  • Why do you want to do that?

I have been chosen to bear the honor of protecting this city. I see that you are unable to defend yourself from the spider lords.

  • Well, I guess there is that. How do we know we can trust you?

By tracing the silver cord of my aura - Ah, yes... You possess inferi - different - senses than I do. Then you will need to use your own judgement.

  • Well, I guess...

Then it is settled. I shall choose a small area nearby and make a den.

  • Okay...


Well, turns out is was a bit more exciting than I had originally planned. So whaddya think? Do we seem like people you'll want to hang with?

  • Sure, I'll think about it.

Okay, same here. I need to chat with the guys and see what they think about you.

  • That seems fair.

Why don't you meet me back in Atlas in a few and I'll let you know what they had to say.

  • See you there.


Thanks for stopping by. Everyone seemed to like your style, so they wanted me to ask you if you wanted to join up with our team. You know, friends and all that stuff. How's that sound, kiddo?