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Mission:The Shining Stars - A New Day Dawning: A Spider Infestation

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A Spider Infestation


How's it going, kiddo. I was thinking we could patrol the city, you know, doing our civic duty and all that hero-ey goodness. But seriously though, doing our part to help stamp out crime will go a long way towards helping the city's future. And I for one like the idea of having a bright and shiny new future, you know? Also, while we're patrolling, I'd like to ask your feelings about that Grym character. Him showing up when he did was a bit coincidental, don't you think? I mean it's one thing to --

Twinshot touches the earpiece she's wearing and pauses for a moment.

Heads up, kiddo. Proton is sending out a distress call. Says he needs our help ASAP.

  • Distress call? What can we do to help him?

Twinshot gestures to you that she's listening to the message.

Oh that's not good...

Twinshot hands move to her pistols faster than your eye can follow, finishing with a flourishing twirl.

Bad news, kiddo. Looks like Arachnos decided to come back for Round Two. From his message, it sound like it's not just a scouting team, either. What in the heck are they doing all the way over here... and why?

We can figure that out later. For now, we're passing on the patrolling. Instead, you're going in through the front while I'm taking out any perimeter defenses they've set up. I'll meet you inside.

Unnecessary Solicitation

Hey there, kiddo. I sure hope you're calling to let me know that you're okay and you've personally taken care of all those spider goons. If not, we'll have to jabber-jaw later seeing that our home is under attack, you know?

Mission Objective(s)


From the minor blast marks, it would seem Arachnos used expertly localized explosives to blow open the door. Now is when you think it might have been a better idea for Twinshot to have joined you.

  • Help Defend the Shining Stars' Base
    • Use the Security System Console
    • Talk to Twinshot
    • Go find and help Dillo!
    • See if Dillo is okay!
    • Find and use the Pressurizer!
    • Travel to the third floor!
    • Talk to Proton!
    • Use Proton's Computer Console!

You helped push back the Arachnos invasion on your makeshift base!


V badge ArachnosBadge.png Arachnos

Notable NPC's

Contact Small Security System Console.jpg
Security System Console


This console is linked to the security system that Proton recently put in place due to the Arachnos intruders gaining entry so easily the last time you were here. It would seem that it was installed a little too late.


There are several live camera feeds currently being displayed on the console's screen.

  • Scan the first floor

You observe the cameras on the first floor of the facility.

The entrance to the facility seems relatively undamaged. The camera shows you standing at the console looking at the screen. Before the elevators to the next floor you see a group of Arachnos thugs apparently waiting in ambush.

  • Scan the second floor

You observe the cameras on the second floor of the facility.

Dillo appears to be fending off multiple Arachnos attacks. Although he appears to be holding his own, his movements would appear as if he may have suffered injuries and will need some help.

  • Scan the third floor

You observe the cameras on the third floor of the facility.

The top floor is swarming with Arachnos! In the far end, both Proton and Flambeaux seem to be holed up near another console. Proton is tapping furiously on the keyboard whilst Flambeaux is holding at bay the more brave of the soldiers.

  • Lock down the terminal

As you lock down the terminal to prevent the Arachnos agents from gaining access to it, you see a shadow pass by the camera display on the first floor cameras.

Looking more closely, you see that the movement is right next to you!

  • Look around for the shadow


Okay, looks like the outside is clear. If there was any backup outside, they're probably all taking a coffee break. That's not usually the way Arachnos works, but let's not look a gift horse in the mouth.

What did you find on the cameras?

  • Dillo is facing off against a bunch of them upstairs.

Well why didn't you say so? Let's get going and help that little guy, pronto!

  • Let's go!



You are friends with I who am Dillo! Too many holes were - as you Earthlings say - filled with jelly!

But the one who is Dillo can seal the leaks.

  • Did you say you... healed yourself?

I am giving negativity. I am with the healing, as you Earthlings say, but I am still pushing air through holes.

I need to adjust pressurization or I will fall down like a ripe banana!

*hoorgb* No, no... that is not what you Earthlings say. I must say that we need to use a respressurizer or I will be a banana split! YES! HAHA! That is it!

  • Pressurizer! Got it. Let's find one!


Quickly! I need you to access my computer while I dictate these calculations!

  • What? What am I supposed to do?

Just use my computer terminal! I am aligning my armor system to fire off an EMP burst that should affect the Arachnos communications networks they employ. This should send a pulse into their ears loud enough to render them in a state of shock.

Hurry, Character! We don't have much time!

  • I'm on it!

Contact Small Proton's Computer Console.jpg
Proton's Computer Console


The terminal has only one line blinking on the screen.

Enter Pulse Charge Frequency Code.

  • Proton! What's the code?

Proton yells out the code and you quickly type it in.

  • Alpha - One - Prime

The screen flashes for a moment followed by the words:

Pulse Frequency Incoming.

  • Close


That was some fancy footwork back there, Character. I have to say I was quite impressed.

Were you not there, I don't know how things would have turned out. Once things get cleaned up, we've got a new mission ahead of us --

Find out who sent Arachnos agents to our front door!