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Mission:The Hearts of Darkness - Price of Victory: Skin Deep

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Skin Deep


It is time, Character. If we wish to strike at Dollface, we must do so immediately. Every moment we waste is more time for Dollface to become suspicious of my - and your - whereabouts.

I have put together a plan for the infiltration of Dollface's mansion. It is well-defended, mostly by rubes that Dollface has managed to entrance with her powers. They should not be difficult to defeat for villains of our caliber.

You will be entering through the front, drawing the attention of Dollface's guards... and, by extension, Dollface herself. I will take the others through a back entrance, connected to a series of underground tunnels.

  • You're setting me up as bait? Have you forgotten who is in charge here, Graves?

I have not, Character. However, Dollface is expecting you and you alone. If you approach her mansion, seemingly without our aid, she will think that I have sent you to her as a sacrifice. If she is taken unaware by our presence, she will not have the chance to attempt an escape.

I realize you suspect treachery on my part, Character, and I do not blame you for your suspicions. However, rest assured that I am far more concerned with Dollface's existence than I am with yours. If I do attempt to kill you, it will occur well after Dollface has been dealt with.

Dr. Graves. pauses for a moment.

...That is, if we manage to survive.

Bring down Dollface!

Unnecessary Solicitation

We are preparing to move out soon. Once you've breached the mansion grounds, I will guide the others through the catacombs beneath the mansion. If we are fortunate, we will rejoin you before Dollface is confronted.

You do not want to know what will happen if we are unfortunate.

Mission Objective(s)


You have arrived at Dollface's mansion. If Graves can be trusted at all, he'll arrive with the cavalry shortly.

  • Bring down Dollface!
    • Investigate Dollface's records
    • Confront Dollface
    • Speak with Scirocco

You have assisted Scirocco in capturing Dollface, and managed to escape with your life.


V badge GoldbrickersBadge.png Gold Brickers
V badge RIP.png Rogue Island Police
V badge NoPipes.png Luddites
V badge Heart.png Hearts of Darkness

Notable NPCs

Contact Small Dollface's Personal Database.jpg
Dollface's Personal Database





A list of five entries appears on the screen.

  • [View Entry: Crosscut]
Crosscut appears to be human, and thus should be an excellent candidate for possession. However, Crosscut's sociopathic tendencies and aberrant behaviors would make possession conspicuous. Acting rationally, interacting with other sentient creatures, and other seemingly normal behaviors would represent a radical departure from Crosscut's 'normal behavior' pattern.
  • [View Entry: Dr. Graves]
Dr. Graves is human, but his age implies a significant presence of necrotic tissue. Possession would likely be of a shorter duration than another, healthier candidate. Furthermore, Dr. Graves has proven invaluable in extending the lifespan of bodies that have already been claimed. Possession would negate this value.
  • [View Entry: Zepyhr]
Zephyr's flexible attitudes and behaviors would make inconspicuous possession fairly simple. As Zephyr exhibits Rogue-like tendencies, nearly any behavior would seem appropriate for him. However, it is unclear what biotype Zephyr actually is. It is certain that he is not human, nor is he biologically similar enough to guarantee successful possession.
  • [View Entry: Omnicore]
Omnicore's Villainous attitudes and behaviors would make possession fairly convenient, and her resources would prove a valuable asset. However, it appears that the vast majority of her biological structure has been replaced with powered implants and grafts. It is unclear if, after possession, Omnicore's entire body could be properly controlled. If not, the results would be disastrous.
  • [View Entry: Character]
CANDIDATE: Character
Character appears to be the most physically and mentally capable of the candidates in question. He / She is a relatively new addition to the Rogue Isles, making his / her motives difficult to discern. While he / she exhibits Villainous tendencies currently, it would not be inconcievable were he / she to become more Rogue-like. While Characterhas not been observed long enough to confirm his / her exact biology, he / she appears to be susceptible to Psychic attacks, which should imply that he / she is also vulnerable to possession.


Character. You have done well. Arachnos commends you on your efforts.

  • What is this, Scirocco?

I have had an... interest in this creature for some time. She exhibits powers that could prove to be quite useful to Arachnos, if directed properly.

Furthermore, it appears she shares some... functional similarities to my colleague, Ghost Widow. Having possession of this creature may afford me some leverage within Arachnos in the future.

  • Wait a second. This entire time, you were after Dollface?

That is correct, Character. I had been aware that this creature was lurking somewhere within your little group, but it was impossible to discern which one was our target. You only recently arrived in the Rogue Isles, and thus I was certain that you were... untainted. This is why I chose you as my agent.

I must admit, however, that you performed well above expectations. I had implemented a number of alternative measures in case you perished, that were, of course, unnecessary. Your survival instincts are superb.

  • So, I'm free to go? No hard feelings about that whole 'contest for power' thing?

Scirocco chuckles softly, and shakes his head

No, Character. Arachnos takes little interest in the games and power plays that occur within the Isles. To be truthful, they are actually encouraged. Lord Recluse respects ambition, and it appears you have it in spades.

You have proved to be crucial in the capture of this... most valuable entity, and for that you have my gratitude.

I sense great potential in you, Character. You have power, and the guile necessary to direct it properly. If you survive long enough in this harsh place, I expect you will prosper.

  • Um... thanks. I think.


Dollface is trapped within a whirlwind of magical energy. Upon seeing your approach, she doubles her efforts to break free from her bonds.

Character... please... it hurts so much...

Please... help me...

  • Nice try, Dollface. I'm not buying it.
Dollface's eyes flare with sinister energy.
You would do well to mind yourself, worm. This cage cannot hold me forever.
Mark my words: when I escape the grasp of these wretched wizards, I will find you. The torment I shall provide you will echo across the ages.
  • Enjoy your new home, Dollface. I'm sure Arachnos will take good care of you. (End conversation.)
  • Do you want me to free you? I could do that, if you wanted.
Dollface's eye widen, and she speaks to you softly.
Oh, would you? Would you really?
  • Ha, no. I just wanted to crush your hopes one last time.
Dollface's eyes flare with sinister energy.
You would do well to mind yourself, worm. This cage cannot hold me forever.
Mark my words: when I escape the grasp of these wretched wizards, I will find you. The torment I shall provide you will echo across the ages.
  • Enjoy your new home, Dollface. I'm sure Arachnos will take good care of you. (End conversation.)

Speak with Dr. Graves

Unnecessary Solicitation

If you do not mind, Character, I would speak with you in person.

We have... much to discuss.

Mission Objective(s)

  • Speak with Dr. Graves


Dr. Graves maintains the same, grim expression as always. However, his stance is different. It is lower, less aggressive... you would almost say that Dr. Graves appears relieved.

So, Character. It is finally over. The creature that called itself Dollface has been captured, and I am once again a free man.

I do not expect an amiable reception from you, Character. I know you all too well. Still, I feel that I must thank you. Your efforts have managed to achieve what I once thought was impossible.

  • How long were you working for Dollface, anyway?
I do not suffer from the deterioration of age as most do, Character. I have been alive for centuries. I do not remember exactly when the creature first approached me, but it spared my life in exchange for my surgical talents. For each body it stole, I was able to keep that body intact for far longer than otherwise.
I am not a squeamish man, nor a moral one. I have committed terrible sins against my fellow man. But... the horror, the sheer depravity I witnessed while bound to Dollface was...
Dr. Graves trails off, turning somewhat pale.
...I'm eager to put that behind me, Character.
  • As am I, Graves. This 'benefactor' scam has ended up being a massive waste of time.
Dr. Graves raises an eyebrow at you.
Has it, Character? The shadowy benefactor was my fabrication, yes. And the promised 'power' you were to be granted did not exist, true.
And yet, I have witnessed tremendous growth in your power over the course of the trial. And while the organizer of our contest had malicious intentions, you ended up with a benefactor of your own. Few Villains in these Isles can claim they have assissted a Patron of Lord Recluse himself.
You seem to have come out of this little game with all of the prize, Character.
  • Hmph... if you say so, Graves.
  • You're weak, Graves, Did you ever stop whimpering long enough to look for an advantage?
Character, the things that I've seen would chill the very blood in your...
Dr. Graves takes a moment to calm himself.
Perhaps you are right. Perhaps a more stoic soul like yourself would have been able to deal with Dollface better than I.
But that business is behind us, Character. All that is left to us now is the present, and our plans for the future.
Dr. Graves leans in close to you, close enough for you to smell the stench of death on him.
My plans do not include you, Character. Watch over yourself carefully.
  • You're welcome to try me anytime, old man. I'll be waiting.
  • You don't have a problem with the fact that I was working with Arachnos?
Dr. Graves lets out a sigh. As with his laughter, it is a profane sound. You hope to never hear it again.
To be honest, Character, it infuriates me far less to know that you were working for Scirocco than to not know. Your feats during the contest were unexplainable, and you often displayed special knowledge of your opponents that led to your uncontested victory.
Had I not learned of your involvement with Arachnos, I would be left with only the theory that you were omniscient.
Dr. Graves half-smiles, half-sneers at you.
And trust me, Character, that's a difficult argument to take seriously.
  • Do not credit Arachnos entirely, Graves. I had help, but that's all.
As you say, Character. I do not need further proof of your abilities. Securing Arachnos's assistance gave you an edge, but you prevailed in many tasks by virtue of your own power.
Still, do not discount Arachnos in your further career, Character. You have managed to gain the favor of a Patron of Recluse - no easy feat. I would recommend that you not squander the opportunities now laid open before you.
You should by no means trust them, but they have a tremendous number of resources at their disposal. A fact that, were I in your position, I would not hesitate to exploit.
  • I'll keep that in mind, Graves.
  • Funny, Graves. And yet, I managed to deceive you rather easily.
The right side of Dr. Graves's face twitches momentarily.
This is true, Character. Clearly, you are a master of guile and cunning. And yet, I wonder what you gained from all of this, in the end?
Did you receive a tremendous award from Arachnos? Were you granted an ancient power? Has your status in the Rogue Isles improved one iota? Few knew about our little contest, and even fewer know of Dollface's true nature. Do not expect gratitude from Scirocco, or favorable treatment from Arachnos.
I, on the other hand, gained my freedom. The freedom to pursue plans of my own design.
Dr. Graves locks eyes with you.
Plans that may include you, Character. Be prepared.
  • I'll be ready for anything you can dish out, Graves. Bring it.


Upon completion of this mission, you are awarded the Face of Evil Badge.

File:Badge OGTV3.png Face of Evil

You gained control of the Hearts of Darkness and defeated an ancient evil bent on consuming your soul.