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Mission:Provost Marchand - Gamble

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Paola Tirelli, also known as the Center, leader of the Council, had just received word of the failure in Striga Isle. All of his lieutenants were now back in the Zig, and Arakhn, the leader of the Nictus, was MIA.

The Center looked over his data pad to see what was left of the base...

This is a non-combat, personal story mission. In this mission, you will assume the role of an NPC. This is a solo mission.

  • (Play the Center's Personal Story)

The Center called in one of his newly recruited scientists; a man named Doctor Arvin. Several undercover Council agents had recovered Doctor Arvin from Praetoria after hearing that the man was a renowned scientist. The Center used his super-powered charisma to convince Arvin to work for the Council, specifically on a back up plan during the War Walker and Scott project.

The backup plan was quite risky, but he knew it would work as long as he was underestimated by the one known as Praetor White.

Unnecessary Solicitation

The Center waited for Dr. Arvin to arrive to give him the results...

Mission Objective(s)


Dr. Arvin finally arrived and was waiting for the Center to speak with him.

  • The Center's Personal Story
    • Speak with Dr. Arvin

The Council may be defeated, but the Center has an alternate plan - cracking the source of Praetor Berry's serum to mass produce it for his armies!


Mr. Tirelli, I have the results, just as you asked.

The blood samples that were sent from Praetor White were enough for me to work on. I analyzed the core components of Praetor Berry's super serum, the one that caused Praetor White's powers to rise to incredible levels during the battle for Lambda sector. The cure for the serum was a simple one to make, thanks to the resources you gave me.

Analyzing the source of the serum for widespread use was another issue entirely.

  • That's excellent work already, Dr. Arvin. Do go on.

To be frank, Mr. Tirelli, the serum is what we call in the genetic community a very dirty 'hack'. Praetor Berry did not make this serum to be reproduced in a mass form, or even to last very long. I believe he made it very quickly without thinking about it.

However, that being said... if I had the time and resources, I could isolate the key components of it; there is a brilliance to this through Berry's ignorance. To be honest, I'm not entirely sure what the serum does to one's super powers, or if it just affects base physical strength... but it definitely does something quite extraordinary.

  • You should be proud of your work, Dr. Arvin. You've done more than I imagined.

Thank you, Mr. Tirelli. I assume from the reports that I will be at the head of this project, now that Nosferatu has been captured. We'll all look forward to his return, of course.

The Center was forced to hide a smile. His charisma had turned this good doctor into someone who actually was looking forward to the return of a scientist who looked like a vampire!

The backup plan worked perfectly. The Center knew Praetor White would use their resources to be cured. He wouldn't know, however, that his cure could eventually lead to the Council mass producing Berry's super serum for their soldiers! Now, it was just a matter of time and putting resources into cracking the Serum.

The destruction of the War Walkers was a massive blow to the Center's plans... but there could still be a recovery. Once things were back up and running, the Center knew who the Council's first target would be: Character.

Is there anything else you need from me?

  • That is all, Dr. Arvin.




Upon completion of the mission, you will earn the Ace Up Their Sleeve Badge

Ace Up Their Sleeve

You played The Center's personal story and saw that the Council has another ace up their sleeve for future events.