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Mission:Personal Monster - Part Four: Your Own Personal Hero

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Part Four: Your Own Personal Hero

Call Mr. G about Eddie's encounter

Mission Objective(s)

  • Call Mr. G about Eddie's encounter


Character, interesting timing, very interesting. TPN just finished their report about your progress.

Were you able to find Eddie?

  • In a way. He's chasing some sort of monster.

A monster, you say? Interesting, very interesting.

I assume you spoke to him, yes? Did he say anything else?

  • (Explain to Mr. G what happened)

Hrm... this is all fascinating, Character. Just fascinating. I've heard some rumors about this Maelstrom Device. Give me a minute to call an informant of mine. His name is Anton. It can be a little... difficult to get in touch with him, so this could take a few moments. In the meantime, I shall get my secretary to get me more information about this monster.

  • (Wait for Mr. G's results)

I apologize for the wait, Character. Anton told me what I needed to know, though my secretary was less helpful. I regret to say that I do not know the identity of this monster Eddie spoke of. I do, however, have information regarding this Maelstrom Device.

It appears that it was manufactured by Neuron Technologies Unlimited; in other words, by Neuron. That's all the information I could currently retrieve, but it may be enough for us to move forward, yes, quite enough to move forward. I know of a lab here in Praetoria that has data files from Neuron Technologies Unlimited. I imagine you could find more information on the Maelstrom Device there. It would probably be quite simple to just walk in there and get the information.

While it would be simple to just walk in there and get the information on the device, there would be nothing really on your end to gain from it. No fame, no show of power, no publicity. It would almost be a waste of time. Unless you could get a group, say, the Resistance, to attack the lab you're going to. Why not? You'll be there anyway, you can easily swat the Resistance down while you're there. You'll get the information you need and look good to the people of Imperial City while doing it!

  • (Explain your plan of luring the Resistance to Mr. G)

Excellent idea, Character, truly excellent. This is why I enjoy working with you far more than that Reese. He did not have the wit that you do. Luring the Resistance to the lab will be an excellent way to take out one of their groups here in Imperial, while also improving your own reputation. I can get on that right away. By the time you arrive there, it should be properly embroiled in chaos, very properly.

Before you go, however... there is the matter of the reporters. They wish to know what your next move is.

  • Tell them Eddie was brainwashed by the Resistance. I'm going to the labs to cure him.
The brainwashed angle? Interesting, Character, very interesting. I'll let the public know what you're up to.
  • Good, I'm off to the labs.
Icon clue generic.png
Edward Polstra - Brainwashed
You told Mr. G to let TPN know that Eddie had been brainwashed by the Resistance, and that you're going to Neuron's lab in Imperial to help cure him.
  • Inform the people that I defeated several Resistance leaders to find Eddie.
Always a good angle to bring up the Resistance leaders, always a good angle. I'll bring this to the press right away.
  • Good, I'm off to the labs.
Icon clue generic.png
Resistance Leaders
You told Mr. G to let TPN know that you took down several high ranking members of the Resistance during your search for Eddie.
  • Tell them all the signs point to Eddie being dead, but I won't give up until I know for sure.
That will strike a chord with the public, definitely strike a chord. I'll put the word out about his possible death.
  • Good, I'm off to the labs.
Icon clue generic.png
Polstra - Dead?
You told Mr. G to let TPN know that Eddie Polstra may be considered dead, but that you won't give up until you've gone through every nook and cranny in Imperial City to find him.

'Save the Day' at Neuron's lab

Unnecessary Solicitation

I trust saving the day is going according to plan?

Mission Objective(s)

Map: P_Tech_45_Layout_04_01

You walk into the labs to see them embroiled in chaos, just as planned. However, you see signs that this was done by...the Syndicate?

  • 'Save the Day' at Neuron's lab
    • Access the lab's database.
    • Take down the Syndicate boss

You took down Michael Haworth and found information on the Maelstrom Device!



Badge DefeatSyndicate.png Syndicate

Notable NPCs

Icon clue generic.png
Warrant's Investigation
You ran into Warrant in Neuron's labs and helped him with a group of Syndicate. Afterwards, he explained to you that he was in the labs on an investigation. It appears that several lower members of the Powers Division have turned up dead in the tunnels of Nova and Imperial. The markings on their bodies suggest they weren't killed by the Resistance.

You found details on the Maelstrom Device!

Icon clue generic.png
The Maelstrom device
You scanned through the lab's database and found a document detailing work done on the Maelstrom Device. It appears that there were only two models made; both met unfortunate ends. The first was stolen from the labs after completion some time ago. The second was grafted onto a volunteer from the PPD, though it says that further experiments on melding the device with the agent went awry, causing the experiment to be cancelled. You're still left not knowing who exactly the monster is that Eddie Polstra is chasing, but at least you know now that it's not part of an invasion.

You defeated Michael Haworth and found some information about the corporation he's in.

Icon clue generic.png
Haworth and Holon Labs
You defeated Michael Haworth and found a card in his jacket. It identifies him as the CTO of Holon Labs, a corporation in Imperial City that deals with testing the areas around Praetoria for any signs of Devouring Earth spores.