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Mission:"Destroy or Not Destroy, That is the Question" - Finale: Skeleton in the Closet

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Finale: Skeleton in the Closet


We got ourselves a big lead, Character.

Bad news is, all the guys I sent out to find the main source of this stuff are dead.

Good news is one of them gave me a report of where they found the main stash. They didn't give me any numbers or whatever about what they were facing, which is why it's gonna have to be you that goes down there first to secure the situation.

I know you're not someone who minds jumping in and getting their hands dirty, so this last bit should be a piece of cake for you, yeah?

This arc is a SINGLE PLAYER MORAL CHOICE story arc. You will not be able to have other people on your team assist you with this story arc.

  • I'll handle it.

Great! Once you get down to the place, we'll follow in. I get a feeling there's gonna be a LOT of Fixadine down there... we're gonna have to set ourselves up some sorta system to move everything over here. But first, we'll focus on actually getting to the Fixadine.

Unnecessary Solicitation

We're all ready on our end here, Character, you just give the word.

Mission Objective(s)


You descend into the deepest part of the tunnels to hear... the PPD?

  • Secure the Fixadine Stash (Single Player)
    • Defeat the PPD guarding the Fixadine

You've accomplished your goal down here within the tunnels!


Badge DefeatPPD.png Praetorian Police Department

Notable NPCs

You've secured the Fixadine stash, what choice will you make now?

Jack Hammer: Awh man Character, we hit the JACKPOT! Check all of this out!
Jack Hammer: We got enough Fixadine here to keep an entire army of Destroyers under our thumb! Jack Hammer: We can pump a ton of this into our soldiers, make'em tougher, stronger than ever! Jack Hammer: We just need your help in getting this stuff outta here and into our own place!