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Melee Core Embodiment

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File:Incarnate Hybrid Melee VeryRare.png


Melee Core Embodiment is one of the abilities that can be used with the Hybrid Slot, part of the Incarnate System. This ability is Very Rare.


This power grants the user a stacking Regeneration, Resistance, and Status Protection buff for each enemy within a 10 foot radius. The effect reaches its maximum strength at 10 enemies.

Regeneration is buffed by 30%, resistance is buffed by 3%, and status protection is buffed by 1 per enemy.

How to Get

Melee Core Embodiment is created with the following Incarnate Components:

Any pair of:
Salvage GenomicAnalysis.png 1 Genomic Analysis
Salvage mediation techniques.png 1 Meditation Techniques
Salvage thaumic resonator.png 1 Thaumic Resonator

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