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Marcus Valerius's Personal Story

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From the Story Arc "For My People" given by Sister Solaris.
This Souvenir is restricted to level 50.

Souvenir's Text

Marcus Valerius's Personal Story

Marcus Valerius, captain of the Cimeroran guard, travelled in a boat across the world and reached the land of North America. The majority of his crew died on the way over from a combination of the journey and the insanity caused by the idol of Mot.

Marcus, the last of the Cimerorans left alive, descended into a series of caverns with the idol. He felt called to the cavern, and discovered he in fact was; the spirits of the Oranbegans were beckoning him and said that he would have to sacrifice his life to keep the idol sealed. Marcus agreed and helped the Oranbegans seal Mot within what would be the city of Dark Astoria.

In his dying moments, however, Mot corrupted Marcus and convinced him to become part of the creature, thus creating the Sentinel of Mot, a being who knew only hatred for those in Cimerora and for the time traveller who helped events lead to him being in the cavern in the strange land.

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