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Magic Costume Set

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The Magic Costume Set was originally released with Super Booster II: Magic but is now only available through the Paragon Market. This set contains a total of 25 costume pieces (plus variations), as well as nine related emotes and one power.

Costume Bundle

ParagonMarket CostumeSet Magic.png
The Magic Costume Bundle is available on the Paragon Market for 400 Paragon Points. If purchasing all of the pieces separately, they would cost 1500pp total. No auras, emotes or powers are contained in this bundle.

Costume Pieces



ParagonMarket Magic Hat.png Magic Hat (M/H) - 40pp

ParagonMarket Magic OccultHat.png Occult Hat (M/H) - 40pp

ParagonMarket Magic RenegadeHat.png Renegade Hat (M/H) - 40pp

ParagonMarket Magic WitchClassicHat.png Witch Classic Hat (F) - 40pp

ParagonMarket Magic WitchWingHat.png Witch Wing Hat (F) - 40pp


ParagonMarket Magic ArcaneHood.png Arcane Hood (M/F/H) - 40pp

Detail 1

ParagonMarket Magic SkullMaskDetail.png Skull Mask (M/H) - 40pp

Detail 2

ParagonMarket Magic WizardBeard.png Wizard Beard (M/H) - 20pp

Upper Body


ParagonMarket Magic BaronJacket.png Baron Jacket (M/F/H) - 40pp


ParagonMarket Magic BoleroJacketPackage.png Magic Bolero Jacket Package (F) - 300pp


ParagonMarket Magic WitchLeatherChest.png Witch Leather Chest (F) - 40pp

ParagonMarket Magic WitchBareChest.png Witch Bare Chest (F) - 40pp

ParagonMarket Magic WitchLaceChest.png Witch Lace Chest (F) - 40pp


ParagonMarket Magic BaronSleeves.png Baron Sleeves (M/F/H) - 40pp

  • Included with Female Bolero Package


  • Included with Bolero Package


ParagonMarket Magic WitchWingGloves.png Witch Wing Gloves (F) - 40pp

ParagonMarket Magic WitchTightGloves.png Witch Tight Gloves (F) - 40pp

ParagonMarket Magic WitchLaceGlovesPattern.png Witch Lace Gloves Pattern (F) - 40pp

Lower Body


ParagonMarket Magic WitchSkirt.png Witch Skirt (F) - 40pp


ParagonMarket Magic WitchLeatherLeggings.png Witch Leather Leggings (F) - 40pp

ParagonMarket Magic WitchBareLeggings.png Witch Bare Leggings (F) - 40pp

ParagonMarket Magic WitchLaceLeggings.png Witch Lace Leggings (F) - 40pp


ParagonMarket Magic BaronBoots.png Baron Boots (M/H) - 40pp

ParagonMarket Magic WitchWingBoots.png Witch Wing Boots (F) - 40pp

ParagonMarket Magic WitchTightBoots.png Witch Tight Boots (F) - 40pp

  • Occult boots only available for huge characters

Back Detail

High Collar

ParagonMarket Magic CapePackage.png Magic Cape Package (M/F/H) - 300pp

  • Occult style not available for female characters


There are no auras related to this costume set.


The emotes related to this costume set are not part of a bundle and must be purchased separately.

Standard Emotes

ParagonMarket EmoteCardTrick.png Card Trick Emote (/emote CardTrick) - 40pp

ParagonMarket EmoteJuggle.png Juggle Emote (/emote Juggle) - 40pp

ParagonMarket EmoteJuggleElectricity.png JuggleElectricity Emote (/emote JuggleElectricity) - 40pp

ParagonMarket EmoteJuggleFire.png Juggle Fire Emote (/emote JuggleFire) - 40pp

ParagonMarket EmoteJuggleMagic.png Juggle Magic Emote (/emote JuggleMagic) - 40pp

Costume Change Emotes

ParagonMarket CCEmote SpellCast.png Cast Costume Emote (/cce # Cast)- 80pp

ParagonMarket CCEmote Spin.png Spin Costume Emote (/cce # Spin) - 80pp

ParagonMarket CCEmote Lightning.png Lightning Costume Emote (/cce # Lightning) - 80pp

ParagonMarket CCEmote PrestoChange-o.png Presto Change-o Costume Emote (/cce # PrestoChango) - 80pp


The power related to this costume set is not part of a bundle and must be purchased separately.

ParagonMarket Power MysticFortune.png Mystic Fortune - 400pp

Preselected Costumes

The Magic costume pieces are available in the costume creator as two preselected costume sets.

Magician Costume Set
Magician Costume Set Huge
Magician Costume Set
Head Shape Face Pattern Hat Ears Pattern Detail 1 Detail 2
Hats Chiseled Face 1 None Magic Human None Wizard
Upper Body
Upper Body Jackets Style Sleeves Style Chest Pattern Shoulders Style Chest Detail Pattern Gloves Style Pattern Belt Style
Jackets Baron w/ Vest Basic Baron / Blazer Basic Dress Shirt None Classic Tie Basic Smooth/Bare Bare Hands None None
Lower Body
Lower Body Pants Pattern Boots Style Pattern Tails
Tucked In Pants None Baron None
Back Detail
Back Detail Collar Cape
High Collar Basic Basic

Witch Costume Set Female
Witch Costume Set
Head Shape Face Pattern Hat Ears Pattern Detail 1 Detail 2
Hats Average 1 Supernatural Face 2 Makeup 4 Witch Classic Human None None
Upper Body
Upper Body Bolero Sleeves Chest Pattern Shoulder Detail Chest Detail Pattern Gloves Style Pattern Belt Style
Bolero Arcane Arcane Witch Bare Fur None Smooth/Bare Witch Lace None
Lower Body
Lower Body Skirts / Shorts Style Pattern Bottom Pattern Boots Style Pattern Tails
Skirts / Shorts Witch Witch Bare Witch Tight None
Back Detail
Back Detail

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