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Loves A Challenge Badge/Strategy

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The most important part of earning this badge is to manage Anti-Matter's Disintegration power effectively. Every player on the league should have a bind or macro to announce in chat when they are being Disintegrated, and be on the lookout for the green glow that indicates they are the target of Disintegration. When being Disintegrated, red "Disintegrating" text will appear below your status bar, much like the text that appears when Held or Stunned. Messages will also float over targeted players' heads saying "<name> Disintegrates Further!" like damage numbers.

There should be at least two players on the league with strong single-target heals, to keep Disintegrating players alive. The final damage tick from Disintegration will remove 99% of the targets maximum HP in damage, so the target must be at full health to survive.

When a player realizes they are being Disintegrated, they should hit their Disintegration bind/macro to alert healers to their predicament, and stand in the open to make it easier for healers to find them. They should not, however, move around wildly at high speed, because that will only make it harder for healers to heal them while having no effect on the damage they take. They should try to avoid being near other players because the damage from Entanglement can be enough to kill them when combined with the final Disintegration tick.

To minimize time that players spend helpless from Anti-Matter's time freezes, he should be fought directly next to or on top of his healing stations. He will recharge first at the north station, then the southeast station, then the southwest station. Remember that to earn the badge, none of the Drawdown Terminals around the regeneration stations can be destroyed, so all controllable pets should be put on Passive and all non-controllable pets should be dismissed while Anti-Matter heals.

Finally, all efforts should be expended to avoid dying from Anti-Matter's other attacks. Non-melee characters should stay well away from the aggro-holders and out of Anti-Matter's AoE attacks, and all members of the league should follow the strategies for Avoids the Green Stuff to avoid being hit by Obliteration Beam.