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Avoids the Green Stuff Badge/Strategy

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The most important part of earning this badge is to manage Anti-Matter's time freezes. Anti-Matter should be fought directly on top of or next to his regeneration stations, in order to minimize how long the league spends frozen. He will charge first at the north station, then the southeast station, then the southwest station. Pull Anti-Matter to the appropriate station before attacking in earnest.

Anti-Matter will freeze time to head to his regeneration stations at 80%, 50%, and 20% health. The league leader should watch Anti-Matter's health and call for all attacks to cease around 85%, 55%, and 25% health, then call for attacks to resume as soon as an Obliteration Beam fires.

Every player on the league should watch the objective window carefully, and be ready to scatter when the Obliteration Beam timer reaches zero. Players will need to be able to recognize the distinctive green haze that marks the area where the Obliteration Beam will fire and avoid it.

Pets can be used to see when it's safe to cross the area covered by the Obliteration Beam, since they will not count against earning this badge. Characters hit by the beam will hover in the air for several seconds, then fall to the ground when they are hit by damage. When pets caught in the beam fall to the ground, that means it is safe to enter the area covered by the Obliteration Beam again.