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Longbow Medal of Valor

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From the Signature Story Arc "Bear Any Burden" given by Agent Kwahu.
This Souvenir is restricted to the level range of 30-40.

Souvenir's Text

Longbow Medal of Valor

You received this medal from Agent Kwahu after the role you played in the Warburg Conference. Longbow publically commended you on your efforts to stop a possible missile crisis with Warburg and in bringing in Marshal Blitz and Malaise, the two people responsible for the death of Alexis Cole-Duncan. You're a hero now to the nation, in a story that the news is dubbing...

Bear Any Burden

It all began when Agent Kwahu requested your help in guarding the Warburg Conference. Marshal Blitz had agreed to a peace treaty and a cease-fire, on the grounds that Alexis Cole-Duncan came in person to negotiate the treaty. You went with Manticore to provide back up for Alexis in the event that the conference went south. Blitz revealed his hand in the conference and launched an attack. Manticore escaped with Alexis, leaving you to fend off what seemed to be an army of Rogue Arachnos. In reality, they were all illusions created by Malaise, who was working together with Blitz. You met back up with Manticore, but it was too late; Alexis was gone.

At the behest of Agent Kwahu, you worked together with a WEB technician to disarm the numerous missiles that were waiting to be used against Paragon City. During this time, Manticore located the building that Alexis was being held in. Unfortunately, the outskirts were surrounded by a literal army of Rogue Arachnos, with missile turrets ready to shoot down any heroes flying too close.

You proposed to access the office through a series of underground tunnels. Manticore and Kwahu worked together to get you the information on the tunnels, and you quickly arrived to push through them and into the main 'square' of the building. It was there that you did battle with Marshal Blitz, eventually defeating him. You rushed into the office building with Manticore in tow to find Malaise with what you thought was Alexis. However, it was all a sick illusion. Alexis had been dead, and Malaise was toying with you and Manticore. The two of you apprehended Malaise, who now sits in a secure prison, waiting interrogation.

The world was stunned at the death of Alexis-Cole Duncan. Statesman himself was somber at her funeral, refusing any kind words from heroes. Some wonder if the death of Alexis has finally sent Statesman over the edge, while others are concerned that he may ask Ms. Liberty to step down from her position, concerned over the safety of the last member of his family line.

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