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Lastri Kayumanis's Business Card

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From the Story Arc "Venture Militarism" given by Lastri Kayumanis.
This Souvenir is restricted to the level range of 30-50.

Souvenir's Text

Lastri Kayumanis's Business Card

You received this card from Lastri Kayumanis, who has agreed to work for you for the time being. In rescuing her smuggling operation from an Arachnos raid, you appear to have become the beneficiary of a little...

Venture Militarism

The first thing Lastri recommended to you was to secure an offshore base of operations, to keep your future endeavors safe from prying eyes. She directed you to the USS Mitscher, a Navy ship that had been commandeered by the Sky Raiders. You cleared the Sky Raiders out of the ship and defeated the ship's First Mate, but the captain was nowhere to be found.

Lastri let you know where you could find him, however. Captain Castillo had assumed a temporary role of command of the Sky Raiders, and was currently meeting with other top-ranking Raiders on a remote platform in the Atlantic. Knowing Castillo's fondness for daring and bravado, you single-handedly stormed the Sky Raider platform and defeated Castillo in single combat. During the fight, Castillo seemed to gain a tremendous amount of power that even he was unable to explain. Still, after defeating Castillo, he became willing to parley with your cause.

Lastri noted Castillo's surge in power, and directed you to a similar energy spike detected in a nearby Arachnos base. There, you found that the Talons of Vengeance and the Freakshow had banded together, and were wreaking havoc. You tracked down their ringleader, Clamor, who seemed to be under the same empowerment as Castillo. You defeated Clamor and forced an Arachnos Fortunata to peer inside her mind, and learned that these vast surges in power were somehow related to the ancient artifact, Pandora's Box.

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