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Joining the Pack

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From the Story Arc "Joining the Pack" given by Praetor White.
This Souvenir is restricted to the level range of 1-10.

Souvenir's Text

Joining the Pack

You remember all too well the slap on the shoulder that Praetor White gave you after you proved yourself to him through a process he called...

Joining the Pack

In the aftermath of the Resistance attack on PPD Precinct 5 you reported to Praetor White as instructed. The big man was annoyed by the phyrric victory the PPD had managed to pull off against the Resistance attack. But he was even more disturbed that the entire affair turned out to be a diversion to allow a Resistance strike team to infiltrate the Ministry of Technology and take some of the leading scientists hostage. He sent you in to disarm the situation without leveling the entire building, but when you took down the Resistance fighters you discovered that they had no intention of leaving the building alive.

With the PPD patrols in the tunnels tripled it didn't take long for them to stumble into more than they could handle. You were ordered to come to the rescue of a PPD search team lead by Sergeant Hastings. When you found Hastings he informed you that he had critical information regarding Resistance plans to attack the Ministry of Information.

With the Resistance plans foiled for the time being, Praetor White gave you a task of a more personal nature: getting some flowers for his lady, Cleopatra. At first you thought it might be a joke, but after hunting the flowers down and then delivering them to Cleopatra you understand why keeping her happy is in his best interest.

With the Praetor warming up to you and your no-nonsense style, he gave you the responsibility of inspecting Gravatech Labs. The only caveat was that the PPD were there overstepping the Praetor's jurisdiction with a surprise inspection of their own. You went into the laboratory to remind Captain Duval of where his jurisdiction ended and the Praetor's began, but it turns out that Duval and his entire entourage of PPD officers were actually Resistance fighters in disguise. After foiling their plot to steal sensitive information from the lab's databases you returned to Praetor White and were recognized as a member of his pack.

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