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Incandescent is the member of Vanguard in charge of public relations, the arm of Vanguard called The Herald.

Incandescent is the head of the Herald division of Vanguard and is ultimately responsible for public relations as well as liaising with the United Nations.
Kelly Dupuis was an environmental lobbyist charged with protecting the bayou of Louisiana. On a fact finding mission in the swamps she was separated from her group and had a life-changing encounter with a mystically charged Will-o’-the-wisp. It imbued her with the power of a living energy source… and a clean one at that.
She’s a Fire Blast, Energy Manipulation Blaster. Her signature power is called Lambent Flame and with it she combines the potent forces of fire and energy to knock down her foes in a large area.

She does not currently appear in-game.