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Carson is a tailor contact.
Zone Founders' Falls
Coordinates (897, -189, 3604)
Level Range 40+
Enemy Groups Badge villain nemesis.png Nemesis
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Carson is a hero contact in the The Gaspee neighborhood of Founders' Falls at coordinates (897, -189, 3604). Carson is a Tailor contact. Carson can be found inside the Icon store, and is the contact for the third costume mission.


Contact Introduced By

  • None. Carson is only available as a contact for the mission to gain an extra costume at level 40.

Contact Introduces

  • None



Carson handles only the biggest celebrity Heroes. He makes sure that they are always outfitted in the latest of fashions and that they remember to treat the general public with the respect they deserve.

Initial Contact

Oh my... You need some serious help... That... that just isn't even the style anymore... I'd love to help you out too, but I need you to do me a favor first, and I'm afraid you'll have to be at least Security Level 40 to do it.


Before Mission

  • Looks like the fashion crisis is beginning again.

After Mission

  • Icon is pleased to be the ones who can adjust your style.

Too Busy

You need to finish some of the things you already have on your plate, Character.

No More Missions

Now let's get to work on that outfit of yours.

Not High Enough Level

I'm sorry, but we only deal with the very top tier of the hero community. I'm sure you'll get there, eventually, so why don't you come back when you're, say, security level 40 to 50? Thanks.


Defeat Nemesis to protect Carson


I hate to ask for help, but you see, I wrote a scathing piece in the latest issue of Paragon Times about the fashion used by Nemesis and his soldiers. I called them 'old-fashioned,' and said they needed to update their look for the new millennium. Well, apparently Nemesis himself read the article and was... perturbed. He left a message saying that I was on 'his list,' whatever that means. Looks like I need a little hero protection. If you can help me out, I can fashion you a costume in the latest of all trends. Your Super Group members will be so jealous!

Mission Acceptance

You can find Nemesis soldiers on Peregrine Island. Try looking near the Bayside Docks or in Nelson Borough.

Unnecessary Solicitation

Normally these types of threats don't scare me, but Nemesis is a whole 'nother ball of yarn, if you know what I mean.

Mission Objective(s)

  • Protect Carson from Nemesis
    • Defeat 30 Nemesis

Nemesis has given up his crusade against Carson.


Badge villain nemesis.png Nemesis


Thank you, Character! Nemesis sent me another message, said he was tired of losing soldiers to you, and he was calling off his crusade. Now lets see about getting you a stunning new outfit!

Now let's get to work on that outfit of yours.


This character is clearly an homage to Carson Kressley, one of the 'cheerful' hosts from the TV makeover show, Queer Eye For The Straight Guy.