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Hide (Slash Command)

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Slash Command


Brings up a window that asks the user what they would like to hide from.

Hide Options

  1. Hide and block all Invite Options
  2. Hide from Tells (Private Messages)
  3. Hide from Global Chat Channels
  4. Hide from Global Friends
  5. Hide from Server Friends
  6. Hide from Supergroup
  7. Hide from Searches

Common Uses

This slash command is very popular with Player vs Player characters to decrease their chance of being hunted down. Selecting only the "hide from searches" option is also often used to hide from searches in order to prevent spammers (see RMT ) from doing a /whoall for a zone and then sending unwanted in-game emails to any character they find in the search.


Badge time.png This section contains information that no longer applies to the current version of City of Heroes Freedom. It is provided for historical purposes.

Prior to Issue 12, the hide commands behaved differently than they do now. Instead of giving the user a window with selectable hide options, they would hide or unhide the character from local/server (hide/unhide) or global (ghide/gunhide) searches immediately, including /whoall, /search, Supergroup listings, and/or Global friend lists.