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  1. Slotting a power with a diverse mix of multi-aspect Set Invention Origin Enhancements, as well as possibly Common IOs and/or Hamidon Origin Enhancements, purely to maximize the basic enhancement bonuses to that power with little or no regard for set bonuses.
  2. Slotting multiple partial sets of Set IOs into one power to gain early set bonuses multiple times.
Presumably, the origins of its name refers to Frankenstein's Monster (a monster made from several different body parts of other humans) and Slotting.


Using Fiery Aura: Burn as an example:

  1. Slotting 3 "Damage/Recharge" IOs from 3 different IO sets in Burn to maximize damage (78.55%) and recharge (78.55%) percentages. No set bonuses.
  2. Slotting 2 Cleaving Blow and 2 Armageddon enhancements in Burn to maximize +recovery set bonuses (+5%).

Using Omega Maneuver from Crab Spider Soldier primary as another example:

Slotting the following:
Positron's Blast: Damage/Recharge
Detonation: Damage/Recharge
Air Burst: Damage/Recharge
Stupefy: Accuracy/Stun/Recharge
Rope A Dope: Accuracy/Stun/Recharge
Common IO: Damage
This will give one level 50 IO's worth of Accuracy and Stun (42.4%, each), and ED-capped Damage and Recharge (98.29%; pre-ED: 121.9%), basically resulting in eight IOs worth of effect slotted into six enhancement slots.

Using a standard single target hold. In holds you usually want to maximize the accuracy, the recharge, and the hold aspect of the power.

Assuming level 30 IOs:
Paralytic: Accuracy/Hold/Recharge gives 17.4% to all aspects
Neuronic Shutdown: Accuracy/Hold/Recharge gives 17.4% to all aspects
Essence of Curare: Accuracy/Hold/Recharge gives 17.4% to all aspects
Essence of Curare: Accuracy/Recharge gives 21.8% to accuracy and recharge
Basilisk's Gaze: Acc/Hold gives 21.8% to accuracy and hold
Basilisk's Gaze: Rech/Hold gives 21.8% to recharge and hold
This gives a total value of 95.8% to accuracy, hold, and recharge, basically resulting in nine IOs worth of effect slotted into six enhancement slots, and hitting the ED cap of ~95%. In addition, two set bonuses (reduce mez duration and increase defense) are added to the character's global total, basically "for free".


The following image shows a fully-frankenslotted build. Since set bonuses are ignored altogether, the resulting Invention Sets used create a hodgepodge of different Enhancement icons.

Click for full version.

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