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Fortunata Fateweaver

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The Fortunata Fateweavers are the highest ranking troops in Arachnos. Like the Arbiters, the Fateweavers are linked directly to Lord Recluse, and any attempt to harm one is considered a challenge to Lord Recluse himself.

Fateweavers are in charge of keeping things orderly for Lord Recluse, and oversee almost everything that goes on within Arachnos. They are said to be above factionalism. That is, they never attack Destined Ones, nor each other.

The basic Fortunata Fateweaver uniform is a white-on-white (in higher graphical settings, shiny-silver) version of the Fortunata Mistress uniform. Fortunata Fateweavers are never referred to by name.


The Fortunata Fateweavers are the people who are responsible for changing Villains' notoriety. Previously, they would charge for their services, which would scale up with Villain threat level, but as of Issue 16, their services are now free.

Fortunata Fateweavers
Mercy Island
Port Oakes
Cap au Diable
Sharkhead Isle
Nerva Archipelago
St. Martial
Rikti War Zone