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Fauna First

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Ecological Activist Group.

Known Background


Little is known about the radical ecological activist group known as Fauna First, which is probably due to their own doing. They have been very deep undercover ever since they were accused of bombing an oil plant.

Hamidon to the right, shown with other monsters for scale

They still operate and have a front company in Founders Falls known as Oaktree Stationers.

Recently, they were fooled by the Devouring Earth into helping to produce a chemical that weakens the human immune system. This would allow the Devouring Earth to inject a serum into a human, transforming them into a beast capable of reproducing others of its kind.

The real reason behind the Devouring Earth working along side Fauna First was to get to one of their members; Tanya Tyler who, after being subjected to the serum, became Terra.

The reason for targeting Tanya Tyler was because Hamidon Pasalima once had romantic ties with Tanya before becoming the biological horror known simply as the Hamidon he is today.

Known Members

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