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Terra is an Arch-villain of the Devouring Earth. Heroes can find her in the Track Tanya down before she breeds more creatures like herself mission from Ginger Yates. (Levels 35-39)


Transformed by a Devouring Earth drug, this raging beast was once the woman Tanya Tyler. Now capable of breeding Devouring Earth creatures, Terra is the monsters' greatest offensive weapon in their war against humanity.


Tanya Tyler was a member of the organization called Fauna First, which was an eco-terrorist group aiding the Devouring Earth. However, the Devouring Earth was not interested in the organization as a whole, only Tanya Tyler herself as the Hamidon had known her while he was still in human form. He had a strange fascination for and perhaps even romantic attachment to the young woman, and had decided to turn her into a Matriarch, capable of breeding new Devouring Earth creatures like herself, thereby creating an ecological terror on an unimaginable scale.

Although attempts were made to save Tanya from the fate intended for her by the Hamidon, the Devouring Earth finally managed to abduct her and infect her with a drug devised by the twisted genius of the Hamidon, which ultimately transformed her into the monster known as Terra. Although defeated and taken into custody by the Paragon City authorities, the hideous transformation of the young woman into a Devouring Earth breeder does not bode well for the intentions of the Devouring Earth and their monstrous leader the Hamidon.


SuperStrength FootStomp.png Foot Stomp Point Blank Area Effect, Moderate Damage (Smash), Foe Knockback
Devoured shakes the very earth itself with a super Foot Stomp, attacking everything in a nearby area.

StoneMelee HurlBoulder.png Hurl Boulder Ranged, Smash, Foe Knockback
Devoured can rip up a boulder out of the ground and Hurl it a moderate distance. The Hurled Boulder deals moderate damage and can Knockback foes.

Inherent Brawl.png Pummel Melee, Heavy Lethal
Devouring Earth claw attacks.

FireBlast FireBlast.png Spit (Ranged) Damage over Time, Toxic
You are taking Toxic damage over time from the toxic spray.

Paramilitary EnlistSpecialForces.png Summon Swarm Summon
All Devoured can summon The Swarm.

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