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Elusivity is a PvP-only protective measure that makes attacks less likely to hit. It serves the same role as Defense, but the mechanics behind it are different. A character with a total Elusivity of X% against an attack will be hit by it X% less often than if he had no Elusivity to it.

Like Defense, Elusivity does not reduce the strength of any attacks that do hit, and each Elusivity bonus is specially marked to work only against attacks of certain types.

Unlike Defense, it reduces the chance of hitting by a proportional amount, effectively opposing Accuracy. (Defense reduces by a fixed amount, effectively opposing To Hit.)

Elusivity bonuses are only active in PvP Zones, including Arenas.

Powers that Provide Elusivity

Powers that provide elusivity do not have any visual cue.


SuperReflexes FocusedFighting.png Focused Fighting Self +Def(Melee), MeleeElusivity 30%
A power in the Super Reflexes power set, first choice for Brutes and Scrappers, second choice for Stalkers.
ForceField PersonalForceField.png Personal Force Field Self Def(All), Res(All), BaseElusivity 80%
A power in the Force Field power set, first choice for Defenders and Controllers, fifth choice for Masterminds.

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