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Eagle Eye

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This article is about the contact. For the base defense auxiliary item, see Eagle Eye (Base).

This information contains features that were to be implemented in Issue 24 and was current as of the game's shut down date.


Eagle Eye
Eagle Eye.jpg
Former member of The Regulators
Zone Kings Row
Coordinates (-894.5, 32, 1381.5)
Level Range 7-20
Introduced By Shauna Stockwell
Introduces Vic Johansson
Enemy Groups V badge PPD.png Paragon Police Department
Badge villain skulls.png Skulls
Badge villain family.png The Family
V badge Longbow.png Longbow
Badges Badge i24 KingsRow Arc.png Skull Buster
Badge i24 StMartial Personal Story.png You should see the other guy
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Eagle Eye is a hero contact in the Freedom Plaza neighborhood of Kings Row at coordinates (-894.5, 32, 1381.5). His level range is 7-20. Eagle Eye is located between Blue Steel and Wentworth's.


Contact Introduced By

Contact Introduces


Former member of The Regulators

Eagle Eye is a retired hero who used to be one of the members of The Regulators back in their heyday during the 1980's. After the events in Galaxy City, Eagle Eye has been seeing more and more citizens being corrupted by a growing epidemic of dangerous street drugs like Superadine. While he's not able to join the fight directly, he is more than willing to help up and coming heroes fight the good fight by forming the New Regulators.

Prior to Introduction

I'm not really sure who you are sir / ma'am, I'm just here to meet up with some old friends from back in the day.

Initial Contact

I've read all about you, Character, especially with the work you've been doing in taking the fight back to the Skulls and putting down their Superadine operation. I have to say, I'm impressed.

Back in the day, Brawler along with the rest of the Regulators and I put a stop to all this Superadine business, but it seems that bad apples do indeed stink up the place. As you are well aware, Superadine is back on the streets and the Skulls are pushing it something awful.

Character, Kings Row needs a new group of Regulators, and I'm not the only one who thinks you should lead it.


  • Character.
  • We need to chat.

Too Busy

Missing Too Busy Dialogue

Too Low Level

Missing Too Low Level Dialogue

No More Missions

I don't have anything more for you, Character. Check your contacts to see how else you can help Kings Row and Paragon City.

I'm afraid I don't have anything else for you to work on, Character. However, I'm sure there are plenty of other contacts in the city that would more than happy to have you helping them with their own problems.


Story Arc

The Lords of Death

E ICON MeritToken.png Merit Rewards: This activity awards ? Reward Merits.


A Skull Shaped Mask

This mask was form fitted to your face and was part of the costume you used to infiltrate the Skulls in your effort to dethrone...

The Lords of Death

It all started when a man named Eagle Eye got in touch with you. As a former Regulator, Eagle Eye was eager to help you put a stop to the Superadine problems the Skulls had been plaguing Kings Row with for the last few months. He told you that while the city council was starting to discuss methods of curbing Superadine use, the Skulls were retaliating by assassinating those councilmen who claimed to be tough on crime.

Eagle Eye suspected the Skulls were going to make an attempt on Councilman Hammett sometime before his big speech the following day, and he wanted you there to deter any would be assassins. When you arrived, however, Hammett's office was a warzone. Police and Family goons lay dead in what must have been an all out assault. You found Hammett's body with a cryptic message written in his own blood, The Lords of Death are Watching.

Hammett's assassination, however, didn't deter his fellow councilors. Councilwoman Simmons denounced the deplorable actions of The Skulls, demanding that the city's police and heroes bring them to justice for their many and heinous crimes. Eagle Eye feared that she would be next on the Skulls' hit list. While you went to protect her, Eagle Eye started talking to some old contacts within the Family to see exactly how they were involved in all this.

When you arrived at Simmons' office, the Family was already all over the place. They were not very welcoming. Simmons had been cornered in a back office by the Family goons, but after rescuing her she asked if you were there to kill her. It turns out the Family was there to protect her and you had just eliminated her considerable security detail.

At that moment, a woman with a grinning skull for a face (you couldn't be sure if it was a mask or not) appeared in the room and thanked you for clearing the way for her. You fought and stopped her assassination of Councilwoman Simmons, driving her off in a cloud of black energy as she taunted you with that same cryptic message, The Lords of Death are Watching.

Simmons revealed that the Family had offered to help her if she supported their initiative to come down hard on the Skulls and Superadine in Kings Row. The plot was definitely thickening.

Reconvening with Eagle Eye, you learned the Family's side of the story. Apparently, Veles, the leader of the Skulls, had kicked the Family to the curb and no longer needed them as his Superadine supplier. Somehow he'd figured out a way of producing the stuff himself and the Family was none-too-happy about it. The violence in Kings Row would only get worse so long as the Veles had a working Superadine Lab, the goal was clear: Find the lab and destroy it.

In order to do that though, Eagle Eye had to send you deep under cover. Fitted with a state of the art disguse, you infiltrated the Skulls dressed as one of them. After a few days, you found your way into one of their larger hideouts, run by a man named Bone Dust. Inside, Skulls recruits could try their hand at rising in the ranks by fighting in a vicious trial by combat called The Rib Cage. The only people who saw Veles were Bone Daddy's and Death Dolls, and the only way to become one of them, was to enter the Cage.

Before you could celebrate your victory, however, the Paragon Police had raided the hideout with a tip from the Family. In the confusion you escaped into the sewers with a handful of Skulls and they told you about a rave Veles was holding that evening. Now was your chance to arrest Veles and hopefully learn from him where the Superadine Lab was located.

You crashed the party in classic hero fashion, but Veles and his sister, Morana, were aware of your arrival and escaped before you could apprehend them. To cover their escape, they ordered their Skulls to shoot anyone trying to leave and forced you to have to save the innocents. But not all was lost. You managed to plant Eagle Eye's tracking beacon on one of the Skulls in the hopes that he would lead the way to Veles and the hidden Superadine Lab.

Your gambit paid off. The tracking beacon indicated that the Skull you had knocked out had regained consciousness and headed over to Royal Refinery. It was too perfect not to be the location. The industrial complex with its machinery and chemical solvents would mask any attempts to locate the lab short of searching structure by structure. You made your way inside, but Veles was more insane than you bargained for. Realizing that his lab was compromised, he chose to turn it into a deadly inferno and face you in a dance to the death.

Though you defeated Veles he was able to escape when he revealed that the Royal Refinery Facility Manager was being held hostage somewhere in the burning structure. Once outside you watched as the Superadine went up in smoke, and the Lords of Death went down in flames.

Part One: Knock-Knock


Listen, Character. The Regulators aren't what we used to be. Hell, I know I look pretty ridiculous putting on my old costume, but right now, the people need to see the heroes out in force, now more than ever. That's why I want you to represent the Regulators here in Kings Row, to give all those people that lost everything in Galaxy City a ray of hope again. I'm commited to this, even if it is just you and I.

Unfortunately, things are pretty dark at the moment. The Skulls have taken it in the teeth and their leader, Veles Petrovic, isn't taking it lying down.

With his brother, Chernobog, behind bars, Veles is striking out with a vengeance at anything that threatens his gang. New legislation to crack down on Superadine dealing here in Paragon City has apparently caught his attention, and in response we've had a string of assassinations against city officials that have supported it. Veles' scare tactic looks like it just might do the trick and silence the city council before they can even vote.

A lot of people need your help, Character, do you want the job?

  • I'll join you in representing the New Regulators

That's the spirit. Ha, I knew I could count on you.

Now, I may not be as good in a fist fight as I was back in my heyday, but I still got an eye for details and planning. My guess is that The Skulls are going to target Councilman Hammett sometime before his speech tomorrow to the city council.

I want you to head over to Hammett's offices and provide him with some extra security.

Unnecessary Solicitation

If The Skulls make a play for Hammett then your top priority is to keep him alive.

Mission Objective(s)

Something here isn't right...

  • Report to Councilman Hammett
    • Report to Councilman Hammett

Mission Objective(s)

  • Report to Councilman Hammett
    • Protect Councilman Hammett!

EdLetter.png Editor's Note:

Players will be lead to Hammett by progressive waypoints. He is lying on the floor inside one of the side rooms on the top floor.

Contact Small Councilman Hammett.jpg
Councilman Hammett


At first look, Councilman Hammett appears to be unconscious, but then you see his cold lifeless eyes and the look of terror frozen on his face. He is very, very dead.

  • Determine cause of death
You find a single cut on Hammett's right hand, but while it's deep, it isn't lethal.
Scrawled in his own blood upon his shirt, however, you read the following message:
The Lords of Death are watching
Icon clue generic.png
The Lord of Death are Watching
You arrived too late to save Councilman Hammett, but the assassin left a message scrawled across Hammett's shirt in blood:
The Lords of Death are Watching.
Suddenly you hear voices elsewhere in the building...
  • Listen to the voices

EdLetter.png Editor's Note:

At this point, three waves of increasing numbers of Family enemies will ambush the mission holder. They seem to be location-targeted ambushes, not character-targeted, so stealth and invisibility function as normal ??confirmation??. These ambushes can be circumvented by heading back down to the entry door.

Mission Objective(s)

  • Report to Councilman Hammett
    • Leave or defeat the Family goons

You've learned that the assassin is definitely a Skull, and that the Family is also involved in this plot.


Badge villain family.png The Family


Don't beat yourself up about it, you did everything you could with the information we had. Now we have more information; the assassin is almost certainly a member of The Skulls. However, what's concerning me is that the Family is involved.

Character, I've learned over the years to trust my instincts, and my instincts are saying that there is more to this than the Family is letting on. Something very big is happening here, bigger than I originally thought.

Part Two: Deadly Little Girl


Listen, I have some old contacts that keep tabs on the goings on inside the Family. I'll talk with them and see what they know about the Family's presence here in Kings Row. This is way outside of their normal turf.

In the meantime, I've narrowed down the most likely target for the next assassination attempt by Veles' assassin. Councilwoman Simmons just finished a press conference demonizing The Skulls for their assassination of Councilman Hammett, and now she's vowed to take up Hammett's work and make sure The Skulls are brought to justice for their crimes against Paragon City and the citizens of Kings Row.

It's like she's painting a bull's eye on her own forehead.

  • I'll get over to Simmons' office right away

One last thing, watch your back, Character.

The more I think about this situation the worse feeling I get. This whole things stinks of The Family trying to pave the way to keep The Skulls in business.

Ever since Sebastian Frost took over the family business from his late old man, the Family's taken great pains to appear hands off when it comes to Superadine.

Just... be careful, I don't want to see you end up like Mina...

This mission is of higher difficulty than normal, you may want to bring a teammate.

Unnecessary Solicitation

Mina? Oh, yeah, Mina Horne. She was a Regulator, just like me, went by the name The Illustrated Woman. Harry Frost's goons killed her in an ambush one night while we were on patrol. A retaliation attack for Harry's incarceration after we busted him with Superadine.

Eagle Eye takes a moment before continuing. This is obviously difficult for him.

I was running operations the night she was killed. I used to always tell her to watch her back before she went out on patrol without me...

Eagle Eye smirks at a fond memory before continuing.

She always used to say, 'I don't have to, you're watching it for me.' That night, though, I didn't say it to her. I don't know why I didn't, but I distinctly remember being uneasy about not telling her. Then I heard Michael over the radio saying Mina was hit...

I'm sorry, it's just... Character, watch your back.

Mission Objective(s)

The Family has goons all over this building. Have you arrived too late?

  • Run security for Councilwoman Simmons
    • Find Councilwoman Simmons


Badge villain family.png The Family

Notable NPCs

Mission Objective(s)

  • Run security for Councilwoman Simmons
    • Talk to Councilwoman Simmons

Contact Small Councilwoman Simmons.jpg
Councilwoman Simmons


Are... Are you here to kill me?

  • Kill you? No, I'm here to protect you...

What? Then why did you just knock out my entire security detail?

  • Security? Those were Family goons, ma'am.

Why, yes, Sebastian Frost did provide me with some of his boys for security, but it wasn't anything illegal. The Skulls are targeting city officials that are putting our feet down to combat their Superadine dealing. Mr. Frost simple shares my point of view on the problem.

  • Wait, the Family wants to stomp out Superadine in Kings Row?

Councilwoman Simmons appears to be ready to comment on that when she pauses suddenly and looks around nervously. Do you feel that?

  • Feel what?

Mission Objective(s)

  • Run security for Councilwoman Simmons
    • Talk to Councilwoman Simmons again

You stopped Morana and learned that the Family is backing city officials in their war on Superadine. It appears they have had a falling out with The Skulls.

Contact Small Councilwoman Simmons.jpg
Councilwoman Simmons


I... I don't know what to say...

  • Start at the beginning.

Frost came to me with a very sensible proposal. He wanted to clear his family name of the stain his father had put on it all those years ago. The link between his family and the street drug called Superadine. I... I wanted to believe that he was doing it for the good of Paragon City, but deep down I knew he wasn't.

  • Keep going.

I empathized with him. I understand the difficulty that a parent's decisions can have on their children... Councilwoman Simmons grows upset and wipes at the corner of her eye.

  • It's okay, you can talk about it.

It's my husband, Carl. You see, he's very ill and to be honest... I'm not sure how much longer he has.

We've been keeping it a secret because, well, his illness was caused by his drug addiction. If the press were to learn of this, it would ruin our careers.

But worst of all, our son, Albert, would have to live with our failures hanging over him like a shadow, just like Sebastian Frost has had to live with his father's mistakes. I just wanted to find a way out.

Frost said that he would be willing to have some specialists come in to see what they could do for Carl, but only if I helped him. Standing up against Superadine seemed to be a suitably appropriate favor given the situation, I thought it was a sign that good things were to come...

I... I know it was a bribe, but... I was thinking of my family...

  • I understand, your secret is safe with me.
While I'll still stand up against Superadine, I will refuse Mr. Frost's offer.
Thank you for giving me a second chance.
  • This city needs people like you with a good heart, one mistake doesn't make you a villain.
  • I'm going to have to put you under arrest, Councilwoman.
I... I understand. What I've done is a crime and I should face a jury of my peers.
I... I want to thank you for what you did today, Character... I just don't know what the future holds in store for us when the only ones who will stand up against The Skulls and street drugs like Superadine are the Frost Family.
  • I'll stand against them, now let's go.

Icon clue generic.png
Look the other way
Councilwoman Simmons took a bribe from Sebastian Frost in the form of medical specialists doing what they could for her cancer stricken husband. She knew it was illegal, but it was for a good cause, at least, on the surface. The Frost Family is using laws and politics to punish the Skulls for violating the code of honor amongst thieves, and Simmons got caught in the middle.

She almost died for this act and that is punishment enough. The city needs good hearted people like Simmons to combat what rots it from within. One mistake shouldn't condemn a good person when they still have fight left in them to do what is right.

Icon clue generic.png
Arrest Councilwoman Simmons
Councilwoman Simmons took a bribe from Sebastian Frost in the form of medical specialists doing what they could for her cancer stricken husband. She knew it was illegal, but it was for a good cause, at least, on the surface. The Frost Family is using laws and politics to punish the Skulls for violating the code of honor amongst thieves, and Simmons got caught in the middle.

She almost died for this act, but that isn't punishment by the law. Doing what is right and doing what is legal are two different things. The city trusts people like Simmons. If she is corruptible then she cannot remain in her position. You'll let a jury of her peers decide her punishment.


Things are definitely getting interesting.

I learned from my contacts that Frost and his Family has been meeting with city council representatives for the past few days, trying to drum up support to fight Superadine all in the name of clearing his family's good name.

Apparently, the Skulls have told Frost and his family to find someone else to peddle their drugs for them and the Skulls have found their own way of making Superadine, cutting out their reliance on Frost and his suppliers. Now Frost wants to teach them a lesson and so he's going to make it very hard for the Skulls through political backroom dealing.

All of that is fine and dandy, but we have something more important to deal with...

Part Three: Deep Cover


We need to find out where Veles and his Skulls are getting their Superadine and shut it down.

I'm afraid that squeezing gang bangers on the streets just isn't going to cut it this time. The Skulls have their back up against the wall here, and the only way we are going to learn who or where they're getting their supply from, is if they want to talk to you.

  • So you need me to go deep under cover then...

That's the idea.

I've already talked to Paula Dempsey about outfitting you with just the right disguise to fit right in with The Skulls. She can give you more details on it.

All you need to do is get in with them and listen. If we can find Veles, then we'll find their supply. Until then, just follow your instincts.

I'll be monitoring you from afar in case you get into any trouble.

Talk to Paula Dempsey

Unnecessary Solicitation

Paula is a wiz when it comes to gadgets and things. I had her rig up a few items that should be able to keep The Skulls from recognizing you.

Mission Objective(s)

  • Talk to Paula Dempsey


Hey, Character. Eagle Eye said you'd be coming by.

Let me tell you, I've had some strange requests before, but this one takes the cake. Are you sure you want to be going undercover into The Skulls? Sounds pretty risky to me, but then again, I'm no hero.

Here's your disguise. I've fitted it with a couple of experimental odds and ends that should be able to mask even the most eccentric hero from being recognized by the average street thug, just, be careful not to let it get shot or anything, that could be bad.

I've also got your disguise hooked up with a nano-mic and earpiece so you can keep in touch with Eagle Eye on the sly. Oh, I almost forgot!

Eagle Eye told me to give you this tracking beacon, you know, just in case things go sideways and he needs to swoop in and rescue you. Let me know when you are ready to suit up.

You're all set. Are you ready to become a Skull?

  • I'm ready to infiltrate The Skulls (Enter Mission)
  • I'm not ready yet, I need a minute (Leave)

Infiltrate the Skulls

Unnecessary Solicitation

Talk to Paula, she'll get you all set up for your stint into deep cover. Just... Try not to kill anyone.

Mission Objective(s)


After a few days masquerading as a Skull you find out about this hideout. Someone in here is bound to know a thing or two about Veles and the Superadine Lab.

  • Infiltrate the Skulls
    • Listen to The Skulls' conversation for clues

Icon clue generic.png
The Rib Cage
In order for a Skull to rise from the ranks of Death Head in the Skulls one must enter a fighting competition called The Rib Cage. Those who win the fight ascend, while those who lose die.

Mission Objective(s)

  • Infiltrate the Skulls
    • Talk to Shatterjaw

Contact Small Shatterjaw.jpg


Hey, what's the hurry, chief? / what can I do for you, sexy?

  • I want to go upstairs.

Nah, only fighters competing to become a Bone Daddy or Death Doll get to go upstairs, and you don't look like one of them.

  • Not yet I don't.

Alright, alright. I'll let Bone Dust know we got some fresh meat coming upstairs...

  • Head upstairs

Mission Objective(s)

  • Infiltrate the Skulls
    • Go upstairs and talk to Bone Dust

Icon clue generic.png
You overheard something about Veles
You overheard a Bone Daddy inviting a pair of fresh Skull recruits to a rave that Veles is hosting later.
Contact Small Bone Dust.jpg
Bone Dust


So, I hear you want to try and join the ranks of the Bone Daddies / Death Dolls.

  • That's right, I'm ready.

Well, you sound ready, but only surviving the Rib Cage proves whether you are or not.

  • I told you, I'm ready.

You know that if you lose you lose your life, right?

  • A true Skull isn't afraid of Death.

Well said. Go and talk to the Fight Organizer, he'll set you up with a match.

Having second thoughts? C'mon, the Fight Organizer is waiting.

  • Leave

Mission Objective(s)

  • Infiltrate the Skulls
    • Talk to the Fight Organizer

Contact Small Fight Organizer.jpg
Fight Organizer


Bone Dust gave you his approval? Alright, I hope you kissed your girlfriend / boyfriend this morning, dude / babe, because today just might be your funeral.

  • Hope makes you weak...

Easy, save some for your opponents. Step into the middle of the Rib Cage, and prepare for the fight of your life.

Mission Objective(s)

  • Infiltrate the Skulls
    • Enter the Rib Cage
    • Defeat your opposition in the Rib Cage
    • Listen to Eagle Eye

Mission Objective(s)

  • Infiltrate the Skulls
    • Listen to the Police

Mission Objective(s)

  • Infiltrate the Skulls
    • Escape to the Sewers

You escaped from the PPD raid on the hideout and have convinced The Skulls that you are one of them. Time for them to lead you to Veles.


V badge PPD.png Paragon Police Department

After escaping into the sewers you find your way back up onto the street and with an invitation to meet Veles at the rave tonight.

Confront Veles

Unnecessary Solicitation

I was worried that the police raid might blow your cover, lucky for us it didn't. Now that you've got an invite to meet Veles, it is time to take him down.

Mission Objective(s)


This is where The Skulls said that Veles was hosting a Rave. Time to crash the party.

  • Confront Veles
    • Find Veles
    • Rescue the Ravers
    • Interrogate Back Breaker

Veles escaped, but you managed to plant your tracking beacon on one of The Skulls. When he regains consciousness he'll return to Veles to tell him what you told him and lead you right to him.


Badge villain skulls.png Skulls


Morana: We have a problem.
Veles: I know...
Veles: It's Character...
Morana: It's not safe for you here.
Veles: Life isn't safe, little sister, but your concerns for my safety are appreciated.
Veles: Tell Back Breaker to lock up the warehouse after we've left and shoot anyone who tries to leave.
Veles: Until Character is dead, nobody leaves here alive.
Morana: It shall be done.
Veles: Mr. Atta, if you'll accompany me, I believe you wanted to see my lab?
Atta: Yes, Atta want very much.

Contact Small Back Breaker.jpg
Back Breaker


Heh, you're as strong as Veles. Maybe he does fear you after all...

  • Where did Veles go?

He went to the lab with Atta, the leader of the Trolls. Ha ha ha ha ha... You have no idea how big this all is, do you?

  • Where's the lab?

There isn't a damn thing in the world you can do to me that will make me tell you that.

  • Tell me where the lab is, scumbag!
Ha ha ha ha ha...
Or what? You'll kill me?
Even if you had it in you, death doesn't scare me, hero.
Face it, you've got nothin'.
  • Deliver a message to Veles for me.
What message is that?
  • When you see him in hell tell him he underestimated Character. (Knock him out)
Wha...? Uff!
  • (Plant your tracking beacon on Back Breaker)
  • You're right, I'm not a killer like you and your buddies.
You'll never change a thing in this town if you aren't willing to kill for it. Think about it, zero, if what you're fighting for ain't worth killing for, why bother?
  • Not everything is about life and death.
Of course it is. Everybody lives...
Back Breaker reaches for a knife in his boot.
...and everybody dies!
  • (Knock him out)
Back Breaker collapses, the knife falling out of his hand and skittering across the floor. He's unconscious.
  • (Plant your tracking beacon on Back Breaker)

Icon clue generic.png
Your Tracking Beacon
You planted your tracking beacon on one of Veles' trusted associates, a charming individual known as Back Breaker. With any luck, Back Breaker will regain consciousness and lead you right to Veles.


Character? What the? Your tracking device shows that you're at Royal Refinery, what are you doing here?

You planted it on one of The Skulls to lead you to Veles and the Superadine lab? Damn, son / girl, that's some smart thinking.

Finale: Dance With Death


Assuming Back Breaker went to go find Veles it would appear that The Skulls have set up their lab at Royal Refinery. That makes perfect sense. The industrial chemicals going through there would completely mask the telltale signs of Superadine production.

The facility manager is probably being paid or blackmailed into letting Veles and The Skulls set up shop there. It's time to shut Veles and The Skulls' superadine lab down once and for all.

  • Head to Royal Refinery

Be careful. If even half of what The Skulls say about Veles is true, he is a deadly opponent who believes he controls the power of Death.

Additionally, Morana is still a big question mark. She hasn't shown up since you stopped her from assassinating Councilwoman Simmons, but that doesn't mean she isn't part of the equation. Keep aware and make sure she doesn't get the drop on you.

You might want to get some help on this one. Good luck.

Unnecessary Solicitation

You need to get that thing taken care off [sic] we talked about earlier.

Mission Objective(s)


Powerful industrial chemicals mask the telltale odor of Superadine being processed in here.

  • Take Veles Down
    • Defeat Veles
    • Listen to Veles
    • Rescue the Facility Manager, Get out before the building burns down - 3:00
    • Get the Facility Manager to safety, Get out before the building burns down

You shut down The Skulls' Superadine Lab and saved the Facility Manager.


Badge villain skulls.png Skulls


Morana: Veles, Character is here.
Back Breaker: How did he / she find us!?
Veles: It doesn't matter how, Back Breaker, all that matters now is who...
Back Breaker: Who? I don't understand...
Veles: Who led them to us.
Veles: Morana, go. The lab's location is compromised.
Morana: What about the Trolls? They are expecting a shipment...
Veles: I'll deal with Atta in time.
Veles: But first I must deal with Character and his / her New Regulators...
Veles: I have a warm reception in mind...


Upon completing the mission, you will be awarded the Skull Buster Badge.

File:Badge i24 KingsRow Arc.png Skull Buster

You formed the New Regulators and put a stop to the Skulls' Superadine Ring in Kings Row. You destroyed their lab and put one of The Petrovic Brothers behind bars, leaving the Skulls scattered and weakened.


Great work! The Facility Manager is already being treated at Crowne Memorial Hospital and The Skulls' Superadine Lab is already being put out by the Fire Department. Veles and Morana may have escaped, but without their lab The Skulls are going to have tough times ahead. You've done it, Character, you busted The Skulls Superadine Ring!

Personal Story


Deadlock's File

After hearing Eagle Eye tell the story about how Back Alley Brawler was attacked by the man named Deadlock. You did some research on him and found a file 200 pages thick. In it you learned, among other things, that to Deadlock, killing is...

Nothing Personal, Just Business

They call him Deadlock - The man no prison can hold. He was hired by Veles Petrovic to take out Back Alley Brawler and protect The Skulls' ambitions for Kings Row. But Deadlock was in it for more than just the money. He had a history with Back Alley Brawler and twenty-three years of grudge that needed scratching. He left Brawler alive, but broken both physically and psychologically.

Maybe that was his plan all along...

Nothing Personal, Just Business


A thought suddenly darkens Eagle Eye's demeanor as he reflects on events internally. Finally he chooses to speak on them.

I'm afraid I haven't been one-hundred percent forthcoming with information, Character. It's just, well, I didn't want to alarm you.

Back Alley Brawler should be the one who is congratulating you for taking down Veles and the Skulls' Superadine Lab. Unfortunately, he couldn't.

You see, Brawler was investigating the sudden surge in Superadine on the street himself. But when the Skulls caught wind of him snooping around their turf, the Petrovics decided to hire on some outside help to take care of him: a contract killer named Deadlock.

Deadlock and the Regulators go way back. He's a high priced killer and drug lords have a lot of money, so you can imagine that we had run ins with him from time to time.

Deadlock put Brawler in the hospital. If you like I can tell you all about it...

This mission is a Single Player Mission only.

  • Is Brawler ok?

His pride is about as crippled as he is, but he's going to make a full recovery.

When I heard this from Brawler I knew that the Skulls were up to something big here in Kings Row. I dusted off my old costume and carried on where Michael couldn't.

Here, I'll tell you all about it.

Unnecessary Solicitation

Listen well, you may run into Deadlock yourself one day.

Contact Small Eagle Eye.jpg
Eagle Eye


From what I gathered from Brawler, it all started when Deadlock found a way past the security systems into Fort Trident...

  • Oh, that doesn't sound good... (Enter Mission)

Mission Objective(s)


You hitched a ride into Fort Trident on the belly of this submarine. Time to pay Michael White a visit, for old time's sake.

  • Deadlock's Personal Story (Solo Mission)
    • Silence the guards

Take out Back Alley Brawler Veles of the Skulls hired you to take Back Alley Brawler out of the picture, and that's just what you did. As your old rival, you felt it was better to leave both his body and his pride crippled rather than kill him.


V badge Longbow.png Longbow

Notable NPCs

Back Alley Brawler (Elite Boss)


Deadlock: Wake up, sunshine...
Back Alley Brawler: Ugh... What happened?
Deadlock: You used to be able to go a few rounds with me, White, you've gotten soft.
Back Alley Brawler: Carver... I guess times have changed... What's it been... Twenty years?
Deadlock: Twenty-three. But listen, you ain't got much time what with those broken ribs makin' ya bleed somethin' fierce on the insides...
Deadlock: So let's get the business outta the way before we catch up on old times, ya dig?
Back Alley Brawler: Business? Who hired you?
Deadlock: A pair of nut jobs called the Petrovic brothers.
Deadlock: Seems you done got them worried enough that they hired me to take you out of the picture for 'em.
Back Alley Brawler: If you came here to kill me, then get it over with...
Deadlock: Brother, if I was here to kill you, you'd be killed.
Deadlock: I came here to offer you a life changing experience, just like you did for me.
Deadlock: But in order to do that... You're gonna have to hit rock bottom!
Deadlock: Brother, when you wake up from that, I guarantee you'll be a changed man.

And that's how it all went down...


Upon completion of the mission, you will earn the You should see the other guy Badge

File:Badge i24 StMartial Personal Story.png You should see the other guy

You played Deadlock's personal story and learned a little bit about the man who put Back Alley Brawler in the hospital.


And that's how Michael told the story.

Be careful, Character. There's no telling whether the Skulls still have the money necessary to hire Deadlock to pay you a visit in order to repay you for what you did to the Petrovic brothers.

Just remember: Watch your back.


Talk to Eagle Eye about contacts in Kings Row


People are talking about you, Character, they're recognizing you as the real deal. If you want, I can introduce you to some contacts that have expressed interest in working with you.

  • Accept

Great. Just give me a second to cross reference who would be a good fit for you and then talk to me again.

Contact Small Eagle Eye.jpg
Eagle Eye


You've met Vic Johannson already, right Character?

Vic is good people and a rocksteady cop on one of the meanest beats in Paragon City. He could really use your help in dealing with The Lost.

  • Accept Vic Johannson as a new contact

You and Vic are going to do a lot of good for this city, Character. A lot of good.