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Double XP Weekends

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During a Double XP Weekend (also referred to as DXP), the game is altered so that heroes and villains earn Experience, Inf, and Prestige (if in Supergroup Mode) at twice the normal rate regardless of Level. These weekends are typically announced well in advance. Unlike many other special events offered there are no special missions, no added enemy groups to battle, or special badges to be earned. It is simply a weekend provided to allow players the chance to level and gain Inf at a faster rate. This is one way NCsoft and Paragon Studios say thanks to the players for their continued patronage.

SG rewards

On two occasions, as a reward from NCsoft, Supergroups were given 10,000 prestige for every member in the group. These were special gifts and are not guaranteed each time the event is scheduled, if ever again.


  • Patrol Experience (PXP) consumption is turned off during DXP, except consumption by debt, meaning you do not get DXP+PXP, just DXP. However, it still accumulates.
  • Double XP weekends always draw a large number of players and most are looking for teams to maximize their leveling.
  • Many players form task forces or do trials during these period because the available players willing to team is higher and XP is greater on a 7-8 man team.
  • Other players use this as an opportunity to build a new character and level them quickly.
  • Any mission or Badge that awards Experience will double in value, including Exploration Badges.
  • Double XP weekends are usually a good opportunity for superteams such as the Frad Superteam.
  • Items that "drop" are not doubled during DXP; recipe, inspiration, salvage, and all other item drop rates all remain the same. While not "drops", merits also do not double.
  • XP earned in AE is not doubled.
  • Beginning with the August 11-14, 2011 event, it is confirmed that Incarnate Experience is not doubled.
  • All of the various levels of XP Boosters do function during DXP.

Past and Scheduled Weekends

Double XP Weekend have occurred or are scheduled to occur on the following dates:

  1. July 21, 2006 (ended 07/23/2006)
  2. January 26, 2007 (ended 01/28/2007)
  3. June 15, 2007 (ended 06/17/2007)
  4. February 08, 2008 (ended 02/10/2008)
  5. July 18, 2008 (ended 07/20/2008)
  6. January 23, 2009 (ended 01/25/2009)
  7. July 31, 2009 (ended 08/02/2009)[1]
  8. October 8, 2009 (ended 10/12/2009)
  9. March 4, 2010 (ended 3/7/2010)
  10. January 27, 2011 (ended 1/30/2011)
  11. August 11, 2011 (ended 8/14/2011)[2]
  12. March 16, 2012 (ended 3/19/2012)
  13. August 10, 2012 (ends 8/12/2012?)
  1. Double XP Weekend #7 was plagued with lag and server connection issues, which prompted Paragon Studios to announce a "freebie" Double XP Weekend as an apology. Previous Double XP Weekends had been happening approximately every six months, whereas DXP #8 was only two months after DXP #7.
  2. Double XP Weekend #11 was supposed to be July 28 through July 31, but was postponed due to a server issue.