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Darkvine is the superhero identity of a deceased member of the Midnight Squad named Ross Coldwell.

Darkvine is mentioned by name in the Level 25-29 hero story arc called The Scroll of Tielekku, given by either Miriam Bloechl or Laura Brunetti. He is also likely the "late member of the old Midnight Squad" referred to in the Level 25-29 villain mission "Steal Scroll of Tielekku" given by Diviner Maros.


Darkvine is never seen in-game, as he died during the first Rikti War. He is described has having been "well versed in the mystic arts" by both Miriam Bloechl and Laura Brunetti.

It is implied that the legendary Scroll of Tielekku is stolen from the Banished Pantheon on Sharkhead Island by a villain working on behalf of Diviner Maros. Diviner Maros places the scroll in the disputed estate of Ross Coldwell, leading to the events of The Scroll of Tielekku hero story arc.

Character Stats

Secret Identity: Ross Coldwell
Origin: Unknown, presumably Magic
Archetype: Unknown
Primary Powers: Unknown
Secondary Powers: Unknown

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  • Darkvine is survived by his daughter, Debbie Coldwell, and his illegitimate son Dr. Duncan Silver.
  • Ross Coldwell is listed on the Midnight Squad Register, found in the Midnighter Club. Reading the Register is one of the requirements of the Midnighter Archivist Badge.