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Crystal Titan

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The Crystal Titan


Crystal Titan is a Monster of the Devouring Earth. It can be found at the end of the Eden Trial given by the Woodsman in Eden.


This giant crystal monster may be the most beautiful of Hamidon's creations. It is also one of the deadliest. Crystal Titan will happily slaughter any human being who sets foot within Hamidon's bizarre paradise.


SuperStrength FootStomp.png Foot Stomp AoE Smash, Knockback
Giant Crystal Monster shakes the very earth itself with a super Foot Stomp, attacking everything in a nearby area.

EarthGrasp SaltPillars.png Salt Crystals Foe Sleep, -Defense
The Giant Crystal Titan has encrusted you in Salt Crystals. You cannot use any powers, your Defense is reduced, and you need help to break free.


Inspiration Eden Trial.png

In order to resist the Crystal Titan's massive attacks, you must use Ambrosia. This Inspiration can be obtained from Greater Devoured bosses during the Eden Trial. Only Greater Devoured around the acid lake area will drop this inspiration.

Crystal Titan Enhancements

Special Titan Enhancement.png

Upon completing the Eden Trial, players will be awarded with one of several Crystal Titan Enhancements, selected at random by the server.

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