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Resistance Leader
Zone Underground Neutropolis
Coordinates (285, -1200, -1603)
Level Range 15-20
Introduced By == Level 15 ==
Calvin Scott
Introduces == Level 15 ==
Enemy Groups Badge DefeatGhouls.png Ghouls
Badge DefeatPPD.png Praetorian Police Department
V badge TEST.png T.E.S.T.
Badge DefeatSeers.png Seers
V badge 2ndIDFReg.png 2nd Imperial Defense Force Regiment
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Crow is a Praetorian contact in Underground Neutropolis at coordinates (285, -1200, -1603).  His level range is 15-20.


Contact Introduced By

Contact Introduces

I've got someone I think you should meet.

Dr. Helix is a godsend. Really. I don't know who this Hetzfeld joker is, but letting go of a girl like that is plain and simply crazy.

This contact I've introduced you to can probably move you along down the path you've chosen.


Resistance Leader

A member of the late Threat Response Battalion, or TRIBE, Crow is the only survivor of his unit thanks to one of Neuron's more ambitious genetic experiments. Dumped in the tunnels and left to die, Crow found his way to the Resistance where he utilizes his military background to score victory after victory for the Resistance, and gets ever closer to exacting vengeance upon Neuron for his fallen comrades.

Prior to Introduction

I think you're talking to the wrong person. I'm very busy and unless I've been given specific orders to work with you, I don't have the time. Sorry.

Initial Contact

Mine is a path of vengeance, Character. I warn you, because if you are not prepared to walk that path, then I do not want you walking it with me.

Do you wish to walk the path of retribution, death, and blood with me, or is there still hope enough in your heart that such evils have not taken hold of you? If it is the later, then I envy you. The former, then we can mourn for each other while we walk that path together.


  • Hmmm. The spirit of vengeance is with you.
  • Things are gonna get a lot worse before they get better. Mark my words...

Too Busy

Missing Too Busy Dialogue

Too Low Level

You've got to be rated at least Security Level 14 before I'll feel confident enough of your abilities to work with you, Character.

No More Missions

There has been no movement within our enemies' warren. This does not mean that they do not stir within. When it is time to swoop down upon them, I shall inform you, my friend.


Story Arc

E ICON MeritToken.png Merit Rewards: This activity awards 2 Reward Merits.

Honor The Fallen


Duray's Beret

You picked this barrett up off the ground after defeating Colonel Duray. It reminds you of when you teamed up with Crow to:

Honor The Fallen

It all began when you were assigned to work with Crow, an ex-soldier who was the only survivor of a deadly experiment conducted by Neuron upon his entire military unit. Crow had been a godsend to the Resistance, a real trooper, and you being assigned to work with him meant important things were happening. Your orders were to pick up a VIP down in the tunnels and escort them to the Resistance hideout, but when you arrived the VIP and his entire entourage had been killed in an ambush. You learned later that they belonged to an organization called Arachnos, and that they were from an alternate Earth. Whoever killed them knew exactly who these people were.

According to Crow, only T.E.S.T. could have pulled off an ambush like that, and with them was an expert gun fighter, dual wielder. You resolved to draw T.E.S.T. into a trap so you could interrogate one of their members and learn just who was slinging guns with them and assassinating Resistance allies.

It turns out that the gunman was Eddie Polstra, a.k.a. Maelstrom, a new recruit into Tyrant's forces and a serious force to be reckoned with. You and Crow hit a T.E.S.T. facility to see what you could find out about Maelstrom there. Inside the facility's database you discovered that Maelstrom's true origin was from the same alternate Earth as Arachnos. Additionally, he was assigned to the 2nd Imperial Defense Force Regiment, a unit that Crow had never heard of. It's commander, however, Crow knew all too well; Colonel Virgil Duray, the man who signed the order to have Crow and his entire unit subjected to Neuron's testing.

Crow's wish for vengeance was granted, just not in the way he anticipated. Learning of who shot their ambassadors, Arachnos sent a pair of their assassins, called Blood Widows, to assist in eliminating Maelstrom, a man they were familiar with. You paired off with Blood Widow Scarlet while Crow paired off with Blood Widow Dahlia, and infiltrated Lambda Sector in tandem. While inside you discovered that both Colonel Duray and Maelstrom were attending a demonstration at one of Neuron's labs.

You infiltrated Neuron's lab with Crow, while Dahlia and Scarlet broke off to find and eliminate Maelstrom. You faced down Duray, only to discover that members of Crow's old unit had somehow survived, and they were equipped with powerful weapons and armor. Meanwhile, Scarlet and Dahlia found Maelstrom elsewhere in the facility and fought him to a stalemate, eventually retreating. You caught up with the two of them in the nick of time, saving them from T.E.S.T. troopers and escaped. Crow's vengeance was done and honor had been restored to the fallen.

Part One: This is not a T.E.S.T.

I used to walk the path of vengeance alone, Character, I didn't think you could walk it any other way, or maybe I didn't want to see anyone else on that path. Regardless, that's how I met Scott.

He found me, brought me here, gave me a purpose, and then I saw that the path of vengeance wasn't a path at all, it's a river, and each one of us here is a trickle leading to it.

One day, that river will burst its banks, and the world will flood. I am to make sure that doesn't happen.

But enough about me, Scott's got me running escort duty for a VIP. Only this guy, we aren't smuggling him out of Praetoria City, we're smuggling him in.

Smuggle VIP into Praetoria City

Scott told me to be ready for anything. If Cole's Loyalists caught wind of what we were up to they'd take a shot at him. I've got no clue who he is, but if I'm running escort for him with you then he's pretty important.

Unnecessary Solicitation

You need to get that thing taken care off we talked about earlier.

Mission Objective(s)

Crow leads you deep into the tunnels toward the rendezvous point where you are to meet with the VIP and their Resistance escort.

  • Smuggle VIP through tunnels
    • Rendezvous with the VIP
    • Find Mission Exit

Someone beat you to the rendezvous and assassinated the VIP and his entourage.

Arachnos' Remains


Badge DefeatGhouls.png Ghouls

Notable NPCs


The VIP and everyone escorting him is dead.

(Check for clues)

You aren't sure who this person or his escort were, but they appear to be heavily armed with automatic weapons and advanced armor. Whoever murdered them was a crack shot with a high caliber pistol.

(Examine bodies)

Two of the soldiers have bullet wounds in the back of their heads, extremely close range, but not point blank. Whoever shot them got the drop on them and was likely using two pistols.

Two others must have got shot as they turned to face their attacker.

The remaining three were hit with high powered force blasts, obviously from PPD power gauntlets.

It looks like the VIP put up a much greater fight as he has over a half dozen bullet wounds and numerous burns from maximum powered force blasts.


You hear something. GHOULS!

V archetypeicon stalker.png Ambush!

After checking the VIP you will be ambushed by Ghouls

Icon clue generic.png
You found the VIP and his entire escort had been ambushed and assasinated. It was obviously done by the PPD. as the victims were hit with force bolts from PPD Power Gauntlets, but the VIP himself and half of the escort were killed by high caliber pestols at almost point blank ranges.


That man that got killed down there, the one we were supposed to escort. In case you hadn't guessed, he's not from around here.

According to Scott, he's found help from an alternate earth, and those dudes back there are some group called Arachnos. Scott says they're really powerful, but that assassination might have ruined any chance of getting on Arachnos' good side.

You share the vision that I have seen, my new friend. I wish to remain in contact with you. We are stronger for working together instead of being lone wolves. Here is my number. From now on you can call me.

Part Two: Hunter's Bait

The only real lead we can follow is that the PPD were involved, or more specifically, T.E.S.T.

Your average PPD trooper wouldn't have been able to coordinate an attack like that, and whoever the gunslinger is, they wouldn't have used anybody but the best, and that's T.E.S.T.

We're going to have to lay a trap for them and then make some noise to draw them out. Scott's identified an office building in Neuron's Reach as a good target. It's big, it's filled with people, and it also just happens to be government owned. If anything will get T.E.S.T. to come running, it's hitting that building.

Hit the building

We've got some of our boys and girls down in the sub-basement rigging the foundation with explosives. It's a precaution. Usually any Powers Division support they have is sent to the most dangerous threat first, and that means we'll only have PPD and T.E.S.T. to deal with. By the time they get the bombs disarmed, we'll have our prisoner and be long gone.

Unnecessary Solicitation

Listen, we're going to have to hurt a lot of people. The Seers will pick up on the panic and T.E.S.T. will arrive shortly. It's isn't noble, but we've got a job to do.

Mission Objective(s)

You entered the building from the sub-basement and made your way up to the main offices. At first there are confused murmors and then Crow's rifle fires off a few shots into the ceiling. Suddenly the place erupts into screams of panic.

  • Draw T.E.S.T. Into A Trap
    • The PPD has arrived!
    • Capture T.E.S.T. Leader

You captured a T.E.S.T. leader and escaped back into the tunnels to question him.



Badge DefeatPPD.png Praetorian Police Department
Badge DefeatSeers.png Seers

Notable NPCs

V archetypeicon stalker.png Ambush! Numerous waves of Praetorian Police will arrive and attack throughout the mission
Icon clue generic.png
T.E.S.T. Leader Clue
You captured a T.E.S.T. Leader and brought him down into the tunnels to interrogate him about the gun toting assasin working with T.E.S.T. agents

Mission Exit

You just hit the sub basement when a terrible explosion shakes the building around you. Crow looks at you and says, 'Someone cut the green wire.'

In the ensuing confusion and panic nobody notices you escape with your prisoner back down into the tunnels.


T.E.S.T. members are notorious for withstanding torture. Luckily for us Doctor Helix has an assortment of chemicals we can put into his bloodstream to make him amiable.

Our quest for vengeance has brought us very close, Character, like brothers. Perhaps in one another we can find something worth holding onto this world for.

Part Three: Old Friends...

Helix's cocktail did the trick. Scott's been questioning our guest about the assassination, but so far the only information he's gotten is a name, and it's not good.

Eddie Polstra, a.k.a. Maelstrom!

We've been trying to gather information on this guy for awhile now. He's a real mystery. He showed up out of the blue one day as Tyrant's new go-to-guy, but he totally dropped off the grid. Until now.

Scott wants us to get some solid information on him and capture him if we can. He says Arachnos is very displeased with what happened to their negotiation team and we've only got a little bit of time to get them some satisfactory answers.

Seek information about Maelstrom

If T.E.S.T. is working with Maelstrom then they are bound to have some real data on the guy. The crap they've published about him is obviously fabricated lies.

I think it's time we stepped things up a bit. We're taking the fight straight into their teeth. There's a T.E.S.T. training facility here in Neuron's Reach, and we're going to hit it.

Unnecessary Solicitation

You need to get that thing taken care off we talked about earlier.


Mission Objective(s)

The building outside is just a facade. You make your way through a few empty hallways and then breach a security door. You're inside, but they know you're coming.

  • Assault T.E.S.T. Facility
    • Search T.E.S.T. database

You hit the T.E.S.T. facility and gathered data on Maelstrom and Colonel Duray.


V badge TEST.png T.E.S.T.

Notable NPCs

Icon clue generic.png
Edward Polstra - Maelstrom
You copied these data files about the Praetorian Guard member named Maelstrom.

According to these records he is from a place called Primal Earth. It's a fitting name since according to the data it is plagued by almost constant war between mankind and powered individuals. It resembles Earth from before the Hamidon Wars and Cole's unification of the old nations into the Praetorian Empire.

Polstra worked for a secret branch of the American Military known as Ultimatum until they sent him to Praetoria. At that point the only remaining record is that Maelstrom was assigned as an observer for the 2nd Imperial Defense Force Regiment.

Icon clue generic.png
2nd Imperial Defense Force Regiment
You found this file on the 2nd Imperial Defense Force Regiment. While scanning the file you noticed that Colonel Duray, Crow's former commander and the man he has vowed to kill, has been put in charge of the regiment.

No details are given about the force consistency of this regiment, these are just transfer orders. The regiment is currently stationed in Lambda Sector.


I've never heard of the 2nd Imperial Defense Force Regiment, but if both Duray and Maelstrom are stationed there then that is where we must go next. The path of vengeance is strange, Character. It will take you in directions you never anticipated, but always, always, it will take you to your destination.

Part Four: ...New Friends...

We know where Maelstrom is really from. Scott has informed Arachnos of our findings and they were very interested in reopening talks. Apparently they are not on good terms with Ultimatum and an opportunity to take down one of their operatives is too good to pass up.

Arachnos has sent us two operatives, designated Blood Widows. We'll split into pairs and infiltrate Lambda Sector.

Infiltrate Lambda Sector

I completely disagree with this, but Scott was adamant on this point. He wants us to pair off with the Blood Widows. Says it'll help smooth over relations if they end up having positive things to say about us to their leadership.

I'm sure they're equally annoyed with having to break their routine and pair off with us. Just make sure to watch them. Who knows what their orders really are.

I know the tunnels pretty well, so I'll take the low road while you gain access via one of the transport trucks moving in and out of the place.

Unnecessary Solicitation

We've got a mission to do. Let's not keep our new teammates waiting.

Mission Objective(s)

You exit the transport truck and make your way into one of the many side doors inside the compound. You briefly tense as you meet your Blood Widow partner for the first time, and then both of you relax your guard, slightly.

  • Infiltrate Lambda Sector
    • Disable Moat Security Screen
    • Disable Repair Bay Security
    • Disable Mainframe Security
    • Find Mission Exit

You and Blood Widow Scarlet deactivated the security measures to allow Blood Widow Dahlia and Crow to discover Maelstrom and Colonel Duray's current whereabouts.


V badge TEST.png T.E.S.T.

Notable NPCs


That was a close call, Character. We barely managed to get through the ventillation system before they sealed it off.

I have to say though, it was worth it just to meet Dahlia. I've never met a woman quite like her. It sounds cheesy, but she's given me a reason to keep fighting after I've finished off Duray and avenged my brothers.

With the information we got from the main computer we know they're at Neuron Technologies Unlimited for some sort of demonstration.

Finale: ...Dead Friends.

Now's the chance to strike! With Maelstrom and Duray at the demonstration we can kill two birds with one stone... so to speak.

We're going to attack immediately.

Attack the demonstration

Dahlia and Scarlet are going to avenge their Arachnos comrades and move against Maelstrom. That leaves you and I to take out Colonel Duray.

Unnecessary Solicitation

Whenever you are ready.

Mission Objective(s)

You and Crow enter the facility with the Blood Widows, Dahlia and Scarlet, and then split up, each in search of their target.

  • Hunt down Colonel Duray
    • Defeat Duray
    • Rescue Blood Widow Scarlet
    • Rescue Blood Widow Dahlia
    • Escape With Blood Widow Scarlet, Escape With Blood Widow Dahlia

You and Crow defeated Duray and rescued the two Arachnos Blood Widows, Dahlia and Scarlet, after their stalemate with Maelstrom.

Colonel Duray


V badge TEST.png T.E.S.T.
V badge 2ndIDFReg.png 2nd Imperial Defense Force Regiment

Notable NPCs

V archetypeicon stalker.png Ambush! When Colonel Duray's lifebar reachs 75%, three waves of IDF 2nd Battalion reinforcements will come to his aid.
X-Type 2: Defend the Colonel!
V archetypeicon stalker.png Ambush! After rescuing the Blood Widows, T.E.S.T. ambushes will begin arriving.
Icon clue generic.png
X-Type Cyborgs
Crow's old unit was thought to be killed during the experiment that mutilated Crow. As it turns out Neuron gave them another go and managed to revive them with advanced cybernetics and an all new genetic treatment. The result is an incredibly tough combat machine, half flesh, half meat, and mostly dead.
Icon clue generic.png
Colonel Duray - KIA
You tracked Colonel Duray to one of Neuron's numerous biolabs. There you and Crow confronted him, only to learn that Crow's old unit was still until Duray's command, only they weren't the men they used to be.

Duray's last words asked the cryptic question, 'Do you think death is the end?'

After seeing what you saw today, no, you're pretty sure death isn't the end.


Dahlia and Scarlet are reporting back to their master, some guy named Recluse. Dahlia told me that Maelstrom has grown more powerful in his time here, and that Arachnos will have to analyze the situation before they commit to aiding us. She told me that if I ever made it to the Rogue Isles that she would find me. Part of me thinks that may have been a warning.

I'm conflicted, Character. Duray is dead, but my vengeance is not yet complete.

Neuron has turned my old comrades into abominations. I saw those men dead, Character, abandoned in the tunnels like refuse. And yet today there they were, fighting, talking, following Duray's orders like nothing happened.

I don't seek to avenge them any longer, Character. My vengeance is for all those other pathetic creatures that Neuron has dumped into the tunnels. If there is hope for them, then the Resistance has found the army it needs to overthrow Tyrant and his cronies.