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Colonel Duray (Praetorian)

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This article is about the Praetorian NPC. For his Primal Earth counterpart, see Colonel Duray.
Colonel Duray (Praetorian)
Contact Colonel Duray Praetorian.jpg
Commander 2nd Imperial Defense Force Regiment
Real Name Virgil Duray
Gender Male
Archetype Unknown
Affiliation 2nd Imperial Defense Force Regiment
Age Unknown
Romantic Associations Unknown
Known Family Unknown
Primary Powers Unknown
Secondary Powers Unknown
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Colonel Duray is a Praetorian in charge of the 2nd Imperial Defense Force Regiment.

Heroes may fight him:


Colonel Duray is the military commander in charge of the 2nd Imperial Defense Force Regiment. In the past he subjected the entirety of Crow's company to Neuron's experimental T.E.S.T. P.L.U.S. procedure. Crow was the only survivor.

In The Turning Point from Calvin Scott, his description is as follows:

The field commander of the late General Aarons' Threat Response Battalion, Colonel Virgil Duray is one of the most highly decorated officers from the Hamidon Wars. The TRB, nicknamed Tribe, was the conventionally armed military force to achieve consistent victories over the Devouring Earth.

Duray has since been put in command of the latest and greatest of Praetoria's Special Forces; The Imperial Defense Force's 2nd Battalion. Composed entirely of soldiers from the TRB, the 2nd Battalion is arguably just a rename of Duray's former with one exceptional difference. Every soldier in the battalion has been genetically reengineered by Praetor Berry.


(from the Dead Friends mission from Crow.)

Before Combat:

Prepare my troops for combat, we have company!

Combat Start:

You've been quite a thorn in my side.
Time to remove you.

During Combat:

Colonel Duray: You can't win. The procedure benefited greatly from my men's sacrifices.
Colonel Duray: Allow me to show you.
X-Type 2: Defend the Colonel!
Colonel Duray: Imagine it, an entire army of these super soldiers!
Colonel Duray: This is just the beginning...


Ah ha ha! You think death is the end?