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Crossing Over

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From the Story Arc "Crossing Over" given by Buck Salinger.
This Souvenir is restricted to the level range of 30-34.

Souvenir's Text

Salinger is a man full of old stories and crazy ideas, but he knows more than most in Croatoa and even the most respected listen when he speaks. He approached you to help push back the Red Caps in the area. You did just that, only to discover it was a test. Salinger wanted to see if you were capable to stand up against the Red Caps.

Gordon Bower contacted Salinger and told him of several citizens kidnapped by the Red Caps. Lucklily, he's tracked down where they're held. You manage to rescue them, but you can't help thinking there's more going on here than just kidnapping.

Salinger has come up with a plan to strike back at the Red Caps: Iron. He sends you to steal the iron they've stockpiled in their caves. You make it through caves, collecting the needed iron and take it to Mayor Bower to return to its rightful owners. In the pile of iron, Bower finds an old blade belonging to his grandfather. He gives it to you, believing that it will aid you in your fight against the Red Caps.

A mystic named Walter Daschle has informed Salinger about a posible gathering of Red Caps. Just after that Daschle disappeared. Salinger believes he was taken into the spirit world. You go there, crossing over into that realm, to bring Daschle back. You are ill at ease with your time in that realm, but you find Daschleand return him to safety. However, you discover the true plansbehind the Red Caps actions. They seek to draw Salamanca permanently into the spirit world. There is a way to stop them, but the only people who know how were also captured by the Red Caps.

You travel yet again to the spirit world and search for the three missing mystics. Regretfully, they weren't there. Worse you learned the Red Caps have already begun their attack on Salamanca. You returned to Salinger for further guidance.

The Red Caps attacked Salamanca, trying to pull it into the spirit world. Salinger sends you to find the three missing mystics able to stop this assault and take them to the village fountain. There they were able to start working on a spell to banish the Red Caps from the village.
Thankfully, you were successful and Salamanca did not get pulled into the spirit realm. However, you've made yourself known to the Red Caps and the rest of the spirit realm will not soon forget you.

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