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Walter Daschle

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A Member of MAGI operating in Croatoa. He will spawn with a faction of "Mystic", and has slightly less hit points than a Lieutenant of the same level. Walter has the unique ability to summon soldier class Fir Bolg to come and assist him. The number of summoned Fir Bolg depends on the amount of defeated Fir Bolg you rescue before helping Mr. Daschle. They can be found propped up on crosses usually guarded by 2 Red Caps.
Be warned that the AI controlling the Fir Bolg seems to be a bit messy. Some find it hard to follow Walter around, and others won't even follow him at all.

Heroes can find him:


Walter Daschle isn't the world's most powerful mystic, but he does have an uncanny knack for summoning creatures and binding them to his cause.


During the mission Check out the Red Caps gathering he will be found captured by the Red Caps and in need of a rescue:

Walter Daschle: You creatures should learn not to meddle with power you don't understand!
Fiend: Power? Hah, you make me laugh.


Rascal: Kill!
Fiend: You in trouble now
Walter Daschle: Help me, Hero, and I can help you.

(once free)

Walter Daschle: You've got to get me out of here. Fortunately, I can summon help!

(if lost)

Walter Daschle: I'm stranded!

(when refound)

Walter Daschle: Thanks for the save

(at the mission exit)

Walter Daschle: You've helped me, but there are others in need of rescue.