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Costume File

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Issue 13 introduced the ability to save and load costumes.

A costume file contains the necessary data to reproduce a costume, from body and facial scales to the colors and patterns on each individual costume piece on a character.

Costume files are saved in the INSTALLDIR/data/Costumes/ folder.

The costume editor also provides a button to Attempt Fix for cases when a saved costume contains costume parts that have not been unlocked for the character loading the costume, or contain legacy parts that have been reorganized in the costume editor. This button attempts to substitute the closest match available for the costume part(s) in question, and allows the player to proceed from the costume load screen to the costume editor interface and manually edit the costume, rather than prevent the costume from loading altogether. After restoring the costume, saving the newer version of the costume is a good idea!

File structure

Costume files encode character model scales with a label and a number. If any of the model scales are 0, they are omitted, except the first, which defines the model's height and can never be zero. Scale specs appear first and use the following format:

Scale #
BoneScale #
ShoulderScale #
ChestScale #
WaistScale #
HipScale #
LegScale #
HeadScales #, #, #
BrowScales #, #, #
CheekScales #, #, #
ChinScales #, #, #
CraniumScales #, #, #
JawScales #, #, #
NoseScales #, #, #

Scales are followed by two to three general definitions - note the reversed color triplet:

SkinColor BBB, GGG, RRR
NumParts 27
BodyType # (1 = female, 4 = huge)

There is also occasionally another identifier

CostumeFilePrefix xxx

with the values of either "Huge", "male" or "fem". This may or may not be an antiquated value, but it occasionally appears without the associated BodyType field.

The costume piece data blocks, which specify the particulars about each individual costume piece including pattern and colors (once again, the RGB values are in reverse order), comprise the remainder of the file. Costume piece data blocks use the following format:

Geometry string
Texture1 string
Texture2 string
DisplayName P-string
RegionName "string"
BodySetName "string"
Color1 BBB, GGG, RRR
Color2 BBB, GGG, RRR
Color3 BBB, GGG, RRR
Color4 BBB, GGG, RRR

Model scales

As of Issue 15, players who have purchased Super Booster III: Superscience have the option of altering model height and body type at the tailor in addition to costume pieces and head scales. Since it can be difficult to reproduce scale settings accurately with the sliders when changing body types, manually editing the numerical scale settings in the costume file gives players much greater control over costume changes.

The following reference table gives the minimum and maximum values for each scale appropriate to each body type.

Scale Type Minimum Maximum Minimum Maximum
Scale -27 36 -33 25
BoneScale -1 1 -1 1
ShoulderScale -1 0.9984 -1 1
ChestScale -1 1 -1 1
WaistScale -1 1 -1 1
HipScale -1 1 -1 1
LegScale -0.1 0.02 -0.1 0.02
Scale Type Minimum Maximum Minimum Maximum
All Scales -1 1 -1 1