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Cavern of Transcendence Trial/Strategy

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Including a character with some form of stealth (e.g. Stealth, Invisibility, or Hide) and Recall Friend on the team will make the trial drastically easier. There are two points in the trial where this really comes into play:

  • Getting to the mission door - The mission door is at the center of the Tunnels of the Trolls. Fighting through the tunnels to the mission entrance door can consume a significant portion of the allotted 90 minutes. Employing a stealthy character with Recall Friend, the team can simply bypass this obstacle by running past spawns, heading straight to the door, and recalling teammates at the mission entrance. It is advisable for the stealthy character to either use Reveal or have the tunnels scouted out ahead of time so that he or she can more easily find the path to the mission door.
  • Getting to the obelisks. - Once you have entered the mission's main chamber, your team will need to separate in order to simultaneously click on all 8 obelisks. As it is not necessary to clear the entire mission map, a stealthy character with Recall Friend can simplify the task by scouting ahead to locate each obelisk and recall teammates into place. After clicking the obelisks, the character can then stealth to a safe location near the final spawn and recall each teammate. The difficult part of this task for the stealthy character is navigating the cavern with no map. They will have to slowly and carefully move through the chamber until they locate all eight obelisks, recalling teammates to each of the first seven before finding and taking up a position at the last one.

Like any of mission requiring simultaneous activation of multiple mission objectives, it is a good idea for the leader to count down "3,2,1" and have everyone click their obelisk at zero. If anyone misses their cue the task will need to be repeated. Failure to click all eight obelisks at the same time does not result in failing the trial; just try again. Rather than counting down, the team may make use of the mission's countdown timer to coordinate clicking on the obelisks.

Obelisks can be clicked on from quite a distance, making it easy to avoid any Igneous spawns that may be guarding the obelisk.