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Carl, PTS Foreman

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Carl, PTS Foreman

Carl, PTS Foreman is the third worker you must save during the Kidnap Aeon's workers during the Clockwork attack mission from Marshal Brass.

He must be saved from the Clockwork and then escorted to the exit. Expect several waves of Clockwork to ambush you on the way.

Carl, PTS Foreman, had during my mission (Villanous, solo) almost the same hit points as a Lieutenant of the same level, which means that he is probably a Boss-class hostage. He had a faction of Hapless Foreman and no attacks at all.


Carl is the beleagured, if unpleasant, foreman of the PTS.


When found, they are in the hands of the Clockwork:

Clockwork minion: *Bzt Zlll* Kill the huuu-mann! *Bzt Zlll*
Carl, PTS foreman: Look, I ain't got no trouble with you, uh, things.


Carl, PTS foreman: Never thought I'd say this, but you're a sight for sore eyes. You wanna help me get outta here?

(once free)

Carl, PTS foreman: Well, and look at this! You'd be Villain, right?. Well, Villain, let me not get in your way as you clear a path outta here.

(if left behind)

Carl, PTS foreman: Aw, man. Look, Villain, C'mon! I could use some help, here!

(if captured by the Clockwork)

Carl, PTS foreman: Hey, hey, hey! You freaks get away from me, because you are weird.

(if recaptured)

Carl, PTS foreman: From one weirdo to another. But since you ain't tryin' to kill me, that makes you an improvement.

(at the mission exit)

Carl, PTS foreman: You did a pretty good job, there, Villain. I'll let Dr. Aeon know about this Cause this is all his fault, let me tell you.