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Blechley's Goggles

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From the Story Arc "The Council Cargo" given by Angelo Vendetti.
This Souvenir is restricted to the level range of 5-9.

Souvenir's Text

Blechley's Goggles

These thick goggles once beloned to one Lt. Blechley, a dangerous Council Vampyr super soldier you vanquished in an exploit you remember as

The Council Cargo

It all began when you heard that the Council was shipping something important into Port Oakes with the utmost secrecy. You knew it had to be valuable or dangerous or both, and hooked up with Angelo Vendetti, a young man with a deep hatred of the Council. Vendetti's family had the resources to break Council codes, so you started out by hitting a Council base to find out when and where the Council was moving the secret shipment in.

With the information from the base, you learned that the Council had already gotten their Cargo into Port Oakes. You investigated the ship to find out more about what they moved in, and found murdered ship crewmen, strange goggles and chemicals, and a set of coded orders for someone named Lt. Blechley.

Angelo Vendetti had his family decipher the coded orders and found out what the Council had brought into Port Oakes: A Vampyr, one of their twisted super soldiers. What's worse, they knew you knew, and the orders you found had your name on a list of targets for assassination. You took the initiative and took out Lt. Blechley before he could hunt you down.

Vendetti says he got the Council off your tail for the moment by making it look like someone else set you up. Somehow, though, you get the feeling you'll be crossing paths with the Council again.

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