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Lt. Blechley

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Lt. Blechley is an Elite Boss working for the Council. He's the first Vampyr to set foot on Port Oakes in many years.

Villains can find him:


Though the Vampyri of the Council are not undead, they are certainly monsters. Lt. Blechley is typical of them. His body has been modified by grotesque surgeries and chemical treatments into a super-human killing machine, and his mind has been altered to match. It's no wonder Old Man Marcone didn't allow them in Port Oakes.


During the mission Defeat the Council Vampyr:

Before combat: missing data
Combat start: So, you have come to me, Character. Excellent. Prepare to die.
At 75% Life: You have done better than I could have expected.
At 50% Life: My blood is pumping. Most don't give me such a fight.
At 25% Life: I have not felt such thrill of battle in so long!
Defeated: Puff your chest with pride for now. You have accomplished much to defeat one such as me.

Defeats a villain: missing data

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