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Aurora's Diadem

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From the Story Arc "Aurora Fades" given by Darla Mavis.
This Souvenir is restricted to the level range of 25-29.

Souvenir's Text

You took this delicate silver diadem from Aurora Borealis after defeating her in an adventure you like to think of as:

Aurora Fades

It began long ago, before you made your first appearance on the Rogue Isles. It began with a young heroine named Darla Mavis, and her abrupt decent from grace. When she was young, Darla was hit by an errant blast from a Longbow Sapper, draining her powers forever. Her old teammates stopped having time for her. Paragon City at large forgot her entirely. Furious, and still wounded from the blast, Darla vowed that she would be forgotten no longer.

She became Dark Maverick. Bent on bringing pain to those she once served with, Darla sought the help of villains on the rise. It was while she was working with you that she learned of the arrival of a heroine in hero heights, someone whose defeat would rock Paragon City and bring the name of Dark Maverick to everyone's lips. She sent you to investigate, and you learned that the heroine was none other than Aurora Borealis, Sister Psyche's protege.

You needed more information, so you broke into a Longbow base to obtain it. You learned the date and time of Aurora's arrival; to keep your knowledge a secret, you defeated all Longbow agents on hand.

Then, you had only to wait. When Aurora Borealis arrived, you descended on her like a bird of prey. You left her for dead, though Longbow's enormous resources may yet be enough to restore the fallen heroine. Whatever happens to Aurora, you feel secure in the knowledge that your reputation is made. From now on, all of Paragon City's heroes would be wise to dread your name.

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