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Arnold Decker

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Arnold Decker


Arnold Decker is a civilian NPC encountered in the Rescue Arnold Decker mission from Levantera. During my mission, he had slightly less Hit Points than a Lieutenant of the same level and "Earnest Citizen" faction. He has no attacks and must be escorted to the mission exit. Once you set him free, a wave of ambushers will attack him. Additionally, the mission's boss will spawn. He's the mission objective and must survive the mission.

Heroes and villains may find him:


Arnold Decker grew up idolizing his older brother Benjamin, and even after his brother's apparent death in the Rikti War, he sought to live up to his memory. Arnold has recently returned home to Paragon City after graduating from college to help his sickly mother. He is currently employed as a lab technician.


In the Stop Rikti Bombing mission:

Arnold Decker: You aren't going to believe this, but the most amazing thing just happened!

In the Rescue Arnold Decker mission:

Before combat:

Arnold Decker: Nemesis Army? What?
Arachnos soldier: Uh... Commander?
Capture Team Leader: Never mind that! To the attack, men!

Combat start:

Capture Team Leader: For Lord... Recluse!
Arachnos soldier: Yeah... What he said!
Arnold Decker: Character! I'm over here!

Once free: Let's go! I have so much to tell you!

If captured: Character! Help!

If lost: I can't get lost now!

If refound: Thanks a lot, Character.

At the mission exit: I know it's Ben. You believe me, don't you?