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Arbiter Rein

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Arbiter Rein
Arbiter Rein.jpg
Arachnos Arbiter
Zone Grandville
Coordinates (2704, -340, 1056)
Level Range 35-50
Introduced By None
Introduces == Level 40-50 ==
Black Scorpion
Captain Mako
Ghost Widow
Enemy Groups none
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Arbiter Rein is a villain contact in the Spider City neighborhood of Grandville at coordinates (2704, -340, 1056). His level range is 35-50. He is just outside of Lord Recluse's tower's doors.


Contact Introduced By

  • Contact pop-up at the appropriate level.

Contact Unlocked

You receive a message from Arbiter Rein in Grandville.

Character, your exploits have caught the attention of the Patrons of Arachnos. They are interested in working together with you.

Visit me in Grandville and I shall give you the details on how to join one of them.

This contact has now been added to the active tab of your Contact window.

Contact Introduces

Level 40-50

(A villain may choose one of the following contacts. The decision is permanent!)

Black Scorpion, as you may already know, possesses a unique suit of power armor which secures his position within the Arachnos hierarchy. He commands the mechanical Tarantulas of Arachnos, no doubt in order to oversee the robotics technologies our technicians make upon these heavy combat units. Black Scorpion is assisted in part by Silver Mantis, a woman who shares his obsession with armored augmentation.

Black Scorpion respects raw power, as long as you don't overreach yourself.

Captain Mako himself would like to meet you - be prepared. His reputation as a savage is not undeserved, for this mutant has performed many an unsavory task on behalf of Arachnos. He is cunning and relentless killer, and those who serve him should show no sign of weakness. He commands the Crab Spiders of Arachnos and can be found in the company of Barracuda, a minion nearly as callous as her master.

Captain Mako respects other predators, everyone else is prey.

Scirocco, the Desert Wind, is one of the more principled members of Lord Recluse's inner circle. He began his career as more of a freedom fighter than as a villain, but once he usurped the mystic Mantle of the Desert Wind, he became a major terrorist threat. He joined Lord Recluse soon after, and has since become a member of the inner circle. He often argues with the others, as he feels that villains don't have to be monsters to get the job done.

I am certain Scirocco will be glad to hear of your decision. I will send word to him immediately.

The deadly - and undead - wraith called the Ghost Widow is one of the most trusted members of Lord Recluse's inner circle. She was once a night widow assassin, but after her death she became something much more. Now, as a ghost she has been bound to Arachnos, and haunts the Rogue Isles hunting down the foes of Lord Recluse. She commands the Widows and Fortunatas of Arachnos, and is often protected by her bodyguard, the mutated creature called the Wretch.

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Arachnos Arbiter

Arbiter Rein is responsible for instructing Destined Ones new to Grandville about the Arachnos Patrons: Black Scorpion, Captain Mako, Ghost Widow, and Scirocco. He is located almost directly below the Base Portal, at the level of the main courtyard.

Too Low Level

Return when you have reached Threat Level 40, Destined One.

Initial Contact

I am Arbiter Rein. I oversee the arrival of Destined Ones to Grandville, and recruit them to serve in one of the four major Arachnos factions headed by Black Scorpion, Captain Mako, Ghost Widow, and Scirocco. If you are interested in joining one of these factions, I can tell you what each of the factions can offer you in terms of power. I will warn you now, once your choice of faction is made, it will be an arduous endeavor to undo it!


  • Greetings, Destined One!
  • Arachnos welcomes you, Character!
  • You have been expected, Character!

Too Busy

I require your undivided attention, Character. Take care of your other tasks before returning to me.

No More Missions

I have told you everything you need to know. Choose your patron wisely!


Arbiter Rein does not buy or sell enhancements or inspirations.


Read plaques about Arachnos patrons


Before you choose a patron you should get a better idea of what each of them has to offer you. Go and read each of the plaques underneath the main statues of Black Scorpion, Captain Mako, Ghost Widow, and Scirocco.

Mission Acceptance

Once the decision is made it cannot be undone, so be sure to study the benefits of each very closely!

Unnecessary Solicitation

This is an important decision. Be sure to read the patron plaques!

Mission Objective(s)

  • Read plaques about Arachnos patrons

You have learned about the patrons.

Scirocco - Mu Mastery
Scirocco will instruct you on the Way of Mu, ancient techniques that give access to the lightning-based powers of the ancient race.

Black Scorpion - Mace Mastery
Black Scorpion will give you access to an Arachnos Mace, and teach you how to use it in battle.

Ghost Widow - Soul Mastery
Ghost Widow will teach you how to corrupt and utilize souls of the dead to damage and hinder your enemies.

Captain Mako - Leviathan Mastery
Captain Mako will embolden you with the knowledge of the Coralax and their mysterious powers over the seas.


Now you are armed with the knowledge of each of the patrons, you should be able to make your choice.

You should now know what each of the factions have to offer you, but if you are still uncertain you should go back to the patron plaques and read what they have to say. Remember: once you choose your patron, it will determine your allegiance within Arachnos from here on!

You must choose which faction of Arachnos you wish to join.