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Anti-Matter's Personal Story

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From the Story Arc "Unavoidable Fate" given by Number Six.

Souvenir's Text

Anti-Matter's Personal Story

Anti-Matter discovered that Metronome was trying to access a launch pad to reach Anti-Matter's space station. Metronome's goal was to use the space station to fight Hamidon. However, the Hamidon's forces were moving in to destroy Metronome and the launch pad.

Anti-Matter's armor was badly damaged from fighting at the reactor and the Hamidon. He made a choice that few, if any, of the other Praetors would make: Anti-Matter would use the last of his life to hold off the Devouring Earth and save Metronome. He forsaked the chance of survival in his space station for this one moment.

Even in his last moments, Anti-Matter felt unappreciated, knowing that not one person would know what he had done, that he had given his life to send what may be the savior of Praetoria in space.

Metronome contacted Anti-Matter seconds before the self-destruct, urging him not to go through with this.

It was then, in his last moments, that Anti-Matter received something he was always looking for all of his life: recognition. No one would ever know that his face was smiling wide a second before the explosion.

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