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An inert N-Fragment

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From the Story Arc "Shadow Science" given by Shadowstar and Sunstorm.
This Souvenir is restricted to the level range of 15-19.

Souvenir's Text

An inert N-Fragment

This strange souvenir was once part of a Nictus, but has been rendered inert while being studied by SERAPH. You keep it as a reminder of the lengths the Nictus will go to, and how one brave man's escape uncovered the secrets of the Council's

Shadow Science

It began when you were told that the Council was conducting a manhunt near the Hapatak River. You went to investigate and found Joshua Lucietto, who'd been held prisoner by the Council and used in sick human experiments with Nictus bond-forming techniques. Lucietto had forced a Nictus possessor out, and made a run for freedom.

Joshua Lucietto's harrowing tale of human experimentation led you to a hidden facility where other people were being kept in a weakened state so that damaged or partially dissipated Nictus could possess them without fear of being forced out. You freed the captives, ending their long nightmare.

The stories of the captives and the documents you recovered led you to an abandoned Council base that had once belonged to Requiem's old organization, but had been used by Arakhn for Nictus experiments. You found old documents that showed just how far Arakhn had progressed with her research into using pieces of decayed Nictus, called 'N-fragments', years ago.

The information you recovered led you to another base, where you freed more captives and captured several N-fragments.

You pressed the attack as the Council began to move the last of its N-Fragment research out of the city. You learned about a series of tunnels where the Trolls were helping the Council move their research out of the city. You struck during this window of vulnerability, capturing documents that spoke about how N-Fragments were being used to make Galaxy troops, Void Hunters, and possible even the Warwolves.

The documents you found led to one final location: the last of the people held captive by the Council for human experimentation. You stormed the Council base, and liberated the last of the captives. The Council's research had been driven off-shore and you have uncovered much about where the Council's Galaxy troops and Void Hunter mercenaries had come from. The real victory, though, was rescuing all of the people who had once been victims of the Council's Shadow Science.

Still, there is much yet to learn about the Nictus and the Council. You were asked to come back around Security Level 20, so that you'd be powerful enough to survive the investigation.

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