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Location on Map

Acantha is a Praetorian NPC who hovers on the northeast side of the Tiberian Bluff in Imperial City. She is not a contact, but she will grant a free costume slot if brought a complete set of costume Event Salvage from the Halloween Events. Her coordinates are (263, 48, 3395). Which is about 142 yards North-North East of the Tiberian Bluff marker.

Badge bughunter 01.png Bug! Acantha seems to fade in and out of appearing on the map. (This bug may because she is on the static NPC timer instead of registering as a contact.) If players cannot find her at her location, they should move outside of drawing distance and then return (repeat a few times if necessary).

Costume Slot

When Clicked without the salvage needed

What do you know of deception and illusion? During these troubled times, you cannot trust what you see. Perhaps you have found some otherworldly costumes? Bring me one Statesman Mask, one Lord Recluse Helmet, one Back Alley Brawler Gloves, and one Hamidon costume. If you do this, I will teach you what I know of disguise and illusion, giving you access to another Costume Slot.

When Clicked with the salvage needed
"Give Acantha the salvage."

Ah, you have it all, do you? Sit down a while, I will instruct you in the arcane arts.

You now have an additional costume slot.

Talking to Acantha again after redeeming salvage will give the following message

I am afraid there is nothing more I can do for you.

Zombie/Deadly Apocalypse

Redeeming costume salvage with Acantha has a chance for a Zombie Apocalypse or a Deadly Apocalypse event in both a hero and a villain zone just like with Annah or Granny Beldam.


It is thought that Acantha first appeared after the September 28, 2010 Patch as an unintended early leak and was meant to debut in the 2010 Halloween Event for Praetoria.

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