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A signed glossy of Johnny Sonata

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From the Story Arc "Devil may care -or- I Left My Soul in St. Martial" given by Johnny Sonata .
This Souvenir is restricted to the level range of 35-39.

Souvenir's Text

This signed glossy photo of Johnny Sonata holds memories of the time you worked for Johnny himself. It was an escapade you remember as

Devil May Care
I left My Soul in St. Martial

Basse had set you up with a meeting with the big man himself, Johnny Sonata. As it turns out, Johnny had a big job for you, something important he needed done. The first part was to steal a strange document from Arachnos. Johnny claimed it was his, and it did have his signature on it. It was also written in bizarre legalese that glowed faintly and was warm to the touch.

Johnny was having trouble deciphering the contract you gave him, saying it was 'all written in mumbo-jumbo.' So he sent you to grab an expert in mumbo-jumbo, a Circle of Thorns librarian. Unfortunately, the Librarian didn't know much about it, but did mention a specialist he knew of, a traitor to the Circle called Akarist.

Apparently, Akarist had betrayed the Circle, and was now working with the vigilantes of Paragon City as a consultant on the strange and the supernatural. Johnny found out that Akarist was in a strange other-dimensional world the heroes were exploring, but that wasn't enough to discourage him. A bribe to an Arachnos portal technician later, you were in another world, and brought Akarist back. Akarist got right to work, but had some very disturbing things to say about the nature of the document Johnny was so interested in.

Before Akarist escaped back to Paragon City, he told Johnny what he wanted to learn. Acting on this, Johnny sent you to capture the Wailer Lord, the ruler of all the Wailer demons. Hardcase pointed you in the right direction, and you delivered the wailing beast to Johnny and a group of Fortunata interrogators he had on loan for the week.

With the end in sight, and the location of the mysterious thing Johnny was looking for known, all that was left was to find a way to get to it. Johnny had some Mu Mystics start a ritual to find the last bit of information he needed, but a wave of Wailers overcame them. You recovered all of the Mystics and let the ritual complete.

Johnny finally told you what this was all about. Years ago, he had sold his soul to a demon for his singing career, and now the time was up. The wailers were the agents of the demon, and had been trying to get him for years, but he'd had St. Martial constructed to divert them or hold them back. Now, he wanted his soul back, and with your help had located it. Johnny's soul was inside a personal hell where he could not go himself, so you went in his place. But when you found Johnny's soul, it didn't want to go back, and fought until you had to destroy it.

Curiously, Johnny seemed to be happy with the outcome. Without a soul, he'd never face the bad end of his deal, and any remaining moral qualms were washed away. He thanked you, but then dismissed you like you were a common thug. One of his secretaries gave you a signed glossy of Johnny Sonata on the way out. The funny thing is, the image of Johnny in the photo seems to have aged dramatically. Johnny may be too well connected to take on now, but you can be pretty sure that when it all catches up to him, it won't be pretty.

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